Near Infrared spectrometers are the new generation


Raman spectrometer can be considered the most successful NIR instrument developed for process control and automated lab applications. The system emphasizes an On-Axis spectrograph, optimized for Raman Spectroscopy and one standard grating covering the most widely used Raman signature range. The patent pending curve slit correction for aberration free imaging, low noise CCD and innovative technology in signal processing has resulted in excellent signal to noise ratio and high performance.

Many NIR instruments come with no moving parts thus free from mechanical wear and tear and it requires low maintenance. The integrated diode laser provides 532 nm or 785 nm with different power levels available. The system comes equipped with a 'Class 3 light-tight safety' enclosed with interlocks in 19 inch rack configuration.

The NIR spectrometer has taken NIR Spectroscopy to new heights and is compatible for a choice of laboratory, site glass and process immersion probes, allowing real time process monitoring from a remote location. The Raman Spectrometer is a high sensitivity device designed to utilize both large illumination and collection areas. The large illumination design reduces the susceptibility of sample misalignment as well as decreases the effects of heterogeneity issues of the sample, resulting in superior averaging capability.

NIR Spectroscopy utilizes Sure_Cal calibration technology, a method for achieving a standard Raman spectrum that has both short and long term precision and accuracy. The Sure_Cal technology allows for the collection of the standard spectrum independent of any instrument instabilities. The Raman spectrum from the sample, the laser/neon spectrum and the neon spectrum are collected simultaneously.

The NIR instruments are also much easier to implement, operate, and maintain. The NIR spectrometer is a compact fibered spectrometer able to measure from 900nm to 2600nm or from 2000nm to 4500nm with a resolution of 8cm-1 (or about 1-5 nm). This world known unique scanning Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) uses an exclusive actuator fabricated thanks to modern micro machining technology. The spectrometer needs only a single detector that assures highest dynamic range and allows attractive pricing.

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