How the beauty of precious gemstones as well as

by:Crylight     2020-09-23

Beauty and genuineness go hand in hand. Thus, there are a few parameters through which the genuineness of a gemstone can be determined. While checking out for real gemstones, geologists determine the composition. For instance, many of the gemstones can be deemed as crystals and are classified as cubic, trigonal or monoclinic. Even then there are sub-groups, species and varieties. Take for instance, the ruby is a red variety of corundum whilst the blue color is considered to be sapphire. Natural gemstones are also compared according to their hardness and luster as well as their refractive index.

Till now, no particular set of rules has come out in terms of grading gemstones except for the 4Cs. The Gemological Institute of America has come out with a few guidelines for choosing as well as purchasing gemstones. This system helps people to understand what makes one particular precious gemstone more valuable than the other.

Guideline for identifying genuine precious gemstones

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