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Are you tired of noise pollution? If your answer is a big yes, then an acoustic panel is the perfect way to stop noise from entering your home or office.

What is an Acoustic Panel?

It is made up of fiber glass which is either installed inside the wall or on the exterior depending on your choice. It works like magic. It absorbs every possible noise from making its way into your home or office. Moreover, if you are inside the room and there is too much sound, then the acoustic panel with its sound control function balances out the intensity of sound. It controls echoes, reverb and most of all, it decreases the ambient noise. This eventually creates a pleasant environment to communicate and listen.

Why Get Acoustic Panel from Soundtect?

Soundtect is the leading acoustic panel provider in town. Unlike others, we offer customers value added acoustic panels. We have made a mark and set a high benchmark in the interior design industry. Make a smart choice, opt for Soundtect acoustic panels. Here are some reasons why you should select them:

Eco-Friendly Material:

Spun polyester is used to make our exclusively designed panels and 70% of which is recyclable as it is made from PET bottles.

Reflect Creativity and Great Aesthetics:

Soundtect panels are unique and creative. They reflect a combination of aesthetics and innovation. Indeed they have integrated acoustic panel artistically with their imagination which can be seen in the beautiful collection of designs.

Pleasant Ambience:

Our amalgamation of motifs and soundproof panel is worth acknowledging. We have variety of patterns and themes like tetris, cubism, prism, twig, wave and more. Each theme tells a different story and takes you to a new world. Even more these themes can be painted according to the color of room wall.

Quick and Easy Installation:

It is easy and quick to install these acoustic panels. They can be mounted to the ceiling or your wall in no time.

Enhance Sound Quality:

They enhance sound quality inside the room. With Class C absorption power it lowers the background noise and balances reverberation. It makes a noisy place into a comfortable and a peaceful place. It allows you to unwind, relax in your bedroom and relieve yourself from stress easily.

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