Boric acid, which is quite similar to table salt


Major Benefits of Boric Acid

Some of the most important benefits of boracic acid are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Prevent fires and resists heat: This chemical is used to prevent fires as it releases water to inhibit the release of flammable gases. Therefore, boric acid is widely used in plastics, textiles, furniture and mattresses. Since it can resist heat, it is also used in materials such as laboratory products, kitchenware and light bulbs.

Antiseptic properties: This acid has a number of antiseptic properties and so it is widely used to heal injuries and wounds. The solution used for contact lenses contain this natural compound as it is known for its antiseptic properties.

Excessive sweat: It is also known to prevent excessive sweating and is used to prevent athletes' foot. It is used to control foot odor by applying the powder form of the acid directly on the foot.

Yeast infection: Boric acid is also used to fight vaginal infections. It is used by millions of women all over the world to cure yeast infection.

Prevention of mold: It is also used as an effective remedy against mold attack. It is mixed with water and used to kill black molds and prevent future reoccurrence.

Pesticides: It is even used as pesticides in many parts of the world. It protects agricultural crops from mites, spiders, fungi, weed and insects. These pesticides are available in a variety of forms including sprays, liquids and powders. It also prevents the growth of microorganisms and is therefore used in a number of cosmetic products.

Ophthalmology: Boric acid is used in the field of ophthalmology to fight fungal and bacterial infection. It can be used to cleanse the eye providing relief from various irritants.

Exterminate cockroaches: It is also used to exterminate cockroaches and other bugs.

Today different forms of the acid can be bought from online stores as there is a number of boric acid manufacturers listed in many of the online stores.

Understanding the Side Effects of Boric Acid

There are several side effects associated with the acid including both mild and severe side effects. Mild side effects of this natural compound include severe eye pain, stinging in the eyes, blurred vision and so forth. It is important to seek medical aid in case of such allergic reactions.

However, serious complications can also occur with the use of this acid which requires medical attention. Ingestion of this acid is poisonous to health. Nevertheless, it is widely used for various purposes including treating various infections. Today millions of consumers purchase it in various forms to meet varying requirements.

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