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Here are three reasons why your ex is acting like a jerk and ignores you:

1. His temper hasn't cooled down yet

- One of the major reasons why your ex is ignoring you is because he is still angry or his temper hasn't cooled down yet. When this happens, you need to give time to him. Don't rush things up or you will end up with nothing. Remember that in order to settle things down, it is necessary that everyone is calm and in a good temper so as to avoid heated arguments.

2. You did something wrong and you don't realize it

- You may have done something wrong that your ex didn't like at all that is why he is ignoring you. Be sensitive enough and realize your mistakes. Once you have realized your mistakes then, the next best move is to apologize to your ex. Sincerely apologize to him but don't make any promises that you won't be able to fulfill.

3. You might be pestering your ex that's why he's annoyed and started to ignore you

- Do you frequently call your ex or appear at his doorstep with tears flowing in your ex? You might be too desperate to have him back in your life that is why he didn't like it and he started to ignore you. If this is the case, then you should not bother your ex or appear too desperate because this is a major turn off. You won't be able to get him back if you are too desperate to have him.

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