Xinhuaguang: The world's important optical glass manufacturing center


   2008 is the year of structural adjustment of the National Defense Science and Technology Industry, and the reorganization and asset injection of listed companies under the military industry group are advancing rapidly. Recently, China Soldier Optoelectronics and Aerospace Technology have surged after integration. The market is looking forward to the consolidation of assets in military industry stocks, and investment opportunities are also emerging in endlessly. Investors can focus on Xinhuaguang. The world’s important optical glass manufacturing center, Xin Huaguang, is a well-known optical glass production base in my country, with an annual production capacity of 6,800 tons of optical glass products, a wider industrial chain, outstanding scale and cost advantages, and a domestic market share of about 30%. . The company has formulated a series of international strategies, and successively reached agreements of intent with famous optical companies in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Through strategic cooperation, the company has become a high-end glass production base for internationally renowned optical giants to optimize the industrial structure. Improve profitability.   In recent years, after the company has increased its investment in projects, the output of mid-to-high-end products has risen sharply, and high-value-added and high-profit products are gradually becoming the company's leading products. The 'new environmentally friendly optical glass for digital products' independently developed by the company was included in the 2006 National Torch Program, which will play a positive role in promoting its industrial production and domestic and international market development. At present, it is focusing on the production and market development of high-end optical glass downstream products; speed up the construction of new high-efficiency solar cell automated production lines, continue to expand solar cell production capacity, and develop new thin-film solar cell technologies. For example, in 2007, it invested in the construction of digital special optical materials, with a total investment of 128.8 million yuan, forming an annual production scale of 2750 tons of special optical glass and 60 million optical components. Income will be generated in 2008, and performance growth can be expected. At the same time, Xinhuaguang is a leading enterprise in the optoelectronic information materials industry. After years of painstaking research and development of computer hard disk glass-ceramic substrates, it has become an international leader and a domestic leader. It has established the company’s leading position in technology in the industry and has broken the foreign companies my country's hard disk industry has a monopoly position. Huge investment in the solar energy industry Although Xinhuaguang is a major optical glass manufacturer in my country, it has entered the solar energy industry at a relatively rapid rate in recent years. Through the reorganization of assets during the share reform, it completely controls Yunnan Tianda, one of my country’s three largest solar cell production bases. Form a new pattern of parallel development of optical glass and solar energy. The holding subsidiary Yunnan Tianda is my country's earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and manufacture of solar cells, battery modules, photovoltaic power generation systems and complete supporting products. Its product quality and performance are in a leading position in China and close to the advanced level of similar products in the world. It will reach 60MW at the end of 2007 and is expected to reach 100MW at the end of 2009. By then, the revenue will reach 2 billion yuan, and the profit will reach 150 million yuan. Xinhuaguang already holds 47.49% of the shares of Yunnan Tianda Company. Recently, the company has joined hands with Hongta Innovation to increase capital and shares in Yunnan Tianda to expand solar energy production capacity. In the context of high international oil prices, my country’s renewable energy development 'Eleventh Five-Year' plan is released, and the company will gain greater room for development.   Of course, what investors value most to Xin Huaguang is its asset integration theme. China North Industries, the actual controller of Xinhuaguang, has established its overall thinking on the integration of its assets, and 'specialized reorganization and asset injection' will be the main development direction. According to the industrial positioning of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the North Industries Group, solar energy, special chemicals and heavy vehicles will be the three pillar industries for its future development. Xinhuaguang will be the main integration platform for the solar energy industry. Recently, the company has joined hands with Hongta Innovation to increase capital and shares in Yunnan Tianda to expand solar energy production capacity.

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