Women are very concerned about how they look.


The eyelash is one part of the body that they are very concerned of. Eyelashes are the hair that grows at the edge of the eyelid. Its main function is to protect the eyes from dirt that might cause irritation and harm.

For animals like cats and mice, their whiskers are very sensitive and provide them with a warning if something harmful is near the eyes. For humans, they function the same and once a threat is felt the eyes will close reflexively preventing it from getting into the eyes.

Aside from protecting the eyes, eyelashes can make a person look good. Can you imagine a person without eyelashes? Hence, they are very important to everyone and women try their best to have long and thick eyelashes to make them look lovelier.

Eyelash Growth

Eyelash growth differs from every person. While there are some who are endowed with full, long, lustrous eyelashes, the fact is there are more people who are endowed with shorter, less full, and less lustrous eyelashes.

These people, specifically women, resort to eyelash growth techniques and solutions like Idol Lash to help make their eyelashes longer and more appealing to the eyes. Some people use makeup like mascara, eyeliner, eye putty and eye shadow to enhance the look of their eyelashes.

Idol Lash

Idol Lash is a serum that is applied to the eyelashes to help it grow longer, thicker, and healthier. Eyelash growth is visible after two to four weeks of continued use. It can be applied daily like the usual eyeliner to the eyelashes and even to eyelashes with eyelash extensions. It can also be used to enhance the eyebrows.

It is safe to use and there have been no reported incidence of allergic reactions to the product. Like all products, a skin test must be made before using it to ensure safety and to determine if you have any adverse reactions to its active ingredients.

Active Ingredients

It contains natural ingredients like extracts from alfalfa, honey, arnica, chamomile, nettle, and kelp. It also has water, glycerin, wheat germ acid, jojoba seed oil, and bitter orange flower oil. These natural extracts are combined with several synthetic ingredients to come up with a product that lengthens and strengthens eyelashes more effectively.

These ingredients have been tried and tested for safety and effectiveness and has been approved for use even for people who have sensitive eyes or who are wearing contact lenses and eyelash extensions.

Visible Results

If used daily for a period of four weeks, the changes become visible. The eyelashes become longer and thicker, enhancing the appearance and providing a more appealing aura. The person will become more confident and ready to face anything.

Compared to other eyelash growth products, Idol Lash is notably more effective and safer to use.

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