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by:Crylight     2020-08-27

Most of highly myopic people can have the feeling. And the feeling of distortion will not be so big. At first, I would like to tell you that every prescription lens can cause the distortion of the things. Such as, the things will be smaller and farther when you wear a pair of myopia eyeglasses. On the contrary, if you wear a pair of farsightedness eyeglasses, the things will be larger and near. Even if a pair of non prescription eyeglasses also has a certain magnification due to the refractive index and thickness of the lenses. This is caused by the changes of the image focused onto the retina as the optical lenses change the direction of the light entering the ocular refractive system.

However, if you choose a pair of high quality eyeglasses, you will not have this kind of feeling. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose a pair of high quality eyeglasses to help you to see things clearly. You should make a pair of proper eyeglasses if you have suffered from myopia. You have to take an eye exam to get the latest prescription before you make a pair of prescription eyeglasses and choose the suitable size, favorite colors, proper shapes and fashionable styles on eyeglass frames. At last, you have to choose the lenses which can meet your requirements carefully. You also can choose some lens types for your eyeglasses, such as anti-scratch, anti-radiation and tint as well as other lens types for your eyeglasses. Selecting a pair of suitable eyeglasses is also significant.

If you have suffered from poor eyesight and have a feeling of distortion, you should check whether your eyeglasses are suitable for you. You also need to check the quality of your eyeglasses. Our eyes are the window of the soul; we should take care of them at all times. Making sure your eyeglasses have the real image when you wear on them is very important.

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