Window 7 is the latest Microsoft operating system

by:Crylight     2020-08-29

Instructions to install Window 7 from inside the XP

Step 1

Purchase the Window 7 operating system installation disc or download the files from the internet.

Step 2

Insert your Window 7 installation disc in optical disk drive, the setup will start automatically. If the setup does not start automatically, go to the start menu, see through it and click on my computer. A new window will appears, right click on the optical disk drive, click on open it, browse through the files and double click on Window 7 setup file and installation process will begin.

Step 3

Now installation Window will appears, click on 'Install now' to proceed to next step.

Step 4

Properly read the 'user license and agreement'. Make check on the check box, located next to the 'I agree the terms and conditions' for confirmation.

Step 5

Click on next button, it will let you to a new screen with the option 'Which type of installation do you want.'

Step 6

From the type of installation option, you have to select 'upgrade'

Step 7

If you have internet connection download the important updates, if not skip the updates screen.

Step 8

Keep following the instructions, until the installation process is over.

Step 9

Never interrupt the installation process, let Window 7 to get install completely. When the installation is over, the computer will automatically reboot.


Although while upgrading you operating system to Window 7, all your personal files will get transfer from your current operating system to Window 7 automatically but creating the backup of your personal data is important. Before installation or upgrading make sure, all your hardware and configuration supports the new operating system, there is no application or driver compatible issues even in a compatibility mode. See which version of Window 7 suits your computer more (according to its configuration) to get the best performance. Lastly I would like to say, always ask yourself why you want to use or upgrade to new operating system.

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