Window 7 is the current version of Window's operating


Instructions to upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 7

Step 1

First you have to decide which version of Windows 7, you want to install in your computer. If your computer is using Windows Vista Home Basic or it could be Premium, you will have to upgrade your Window Vista to either Windows 7 ultimate or 7 Premium. For Windows Vista Business, you will have to upgrade your Operating System to Windows 7 Professional or 7 Ultimate. If your computer uses Windows Vista Ultimate, you will need to upgrade it to Windows 7 Ultimate. Those who want to purchase the copy of Windows 7, have to purchase accordingly.

Step 2

Turn on your computer and connect it to Internet. The upgrading process needs the internet connection to receive the updates data during the installation.

Step 3

If you have purchase the Window 7 installation disc, open your optical disk drive and place your new Window 7 installation disk or if you have order it online, you may have the downloaded file, double click on it and the most important thing is to keep your product key safely.

Step 4

When installation window appear, click on 'Install Now.' If you have the internet connection, click on Get important updates for installation and download updates. If you don't have the internet connection, skip the updates screen.

Step 5

Go through the installation process. Read the user license and agreement carefully, click on the check box to agree to this agreement. They may ask you to provide some basic information and the product registration key during the process. Click next and select the 'upgrade' as the type of installation you are going to use, then hit enter. Never interrupt in between the installation process, let Window 7 to install completely. Once the installation process is over, reboot your computer.


For upgrading your computer to Window 7, your computer must have Service Pack 1, Window vista or Service Pack 2 as an operating system. If you want to check on which operating system your computer is running, right click on my computer icon then click on properties.

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