Wide-angle lens shooting precautions and telephoto lens knowledge


  Students who like to shoot far-sighted views will definitely have a wide-angle lens. So, what are the issues to pay attention to when using a wide-angle lens to take pictures?

  1) Lens distortion

   First of all, no matter what kind of lens will produce distortion, distortion is always inevitable. Especially the wide angle. But some people may confuse a concept, thinking that a wide-angle lens will produce a fish-eye effect.

  Due to perspective, when using a wide-angle lens to shoot portraits, distortion will appear.

  2) Farther and smaller

  Because of the perspective, the wide-angle lens has a wide angle of view, so when you shoot When the subject is far away from the lens, its appearance in the frame becomes very small. Therefore, if you want to take a portrait with a wide-angle lens, you must be close enough to your subject.

  3) Taking portraits

   Unless it is some special subject matter, it is not recommended to use wide-angle shooting for portraits. Due to perspective, the portrait in the wide-angle lens always feels unreal when shooting from the front. In addition, because the focal length is too short, it is difficult for the wide-angle lens to blur, and it will make the back lens design scene grab the spotlight when facing a messy background. But if you are shooting environmental portraits, it is very suitable to use the environment to set off the subject.

  4) Shooting buildings

  The wide-angle lens is very suitable for shooting landscapes or buildings because it can capture more elements Enter the picture, but the angle is wrong, it will make the perspective look strange, especially for the complex lines of the building, the most likely result is that the vertical lines that should be parallel become rays that will cross each other.

  5) Shallow depth of field, if you want to shoot shallow depth of field, then you must not use a wide-angle lens, it is difficult for a wide-angle lens to form a background blur, once you shoot the subject away from your camera Two meters away, then the entire universe will be in your focus.

  Telephoto lens tips:

  1) Telephoto fixed focus lenses usually have very good imaging quality and the maximum aperture is also It is larger than a zoom lens of the same focal length. But zoom lenses are often cheaper, more versatile, and smaller and lighter. Which telephoto lens to choose depends on your needs and budget.

  2) If the long-distance telephoto lens is beyond your budget for you, you can also choose a compromise method; a short optical lens and a telephoto lens are matched A teleconverter. The 1.4x or 2x teleconverter can increase the focal length of the lens, and objects that are far away can also fill the picture.

  3) The telephoto lens sometimes brings some limitations due to the shallow depth of field, but it also has advantages in this respect, which can eliminate the interference of the out-of-focus area. In addition, the compressed perspective presented by a telephoto lens is often used to create a sharp or unusual effect. A telephoto fixed focus or telephoto zoom lens is worth buying for any photographer, especially those who love wildlife and sports photography.

  4) The telephoto lens allows us to show the subject very close. For example, the photographer uses a telephoto lens to fill the entire screen with subjects not far away, or to take portrait photos of wild animals that are far away, which is simply impossible to achieve with a short-focus lens. The perspective effect of the telephoto lens will produce a feeling of compression. The photographer can use this feature to achieve the effect he wants; if you want to photograph those timid and shy wild animals and long-distance dynamic subjects, there is no Which lens is more suitable than a telephoto lens.


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