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by:Crylight     2020-09-21

The consistent popularity of the green laser pointer among hobbyists and enthusiasts can be attributed to its beam which is quite visible even at low power. The green beam can be seen best at night against the dark sky and can reportedly reach up to more than a hundred miles when pointed into space. This same beam can even be seen distinctly even with bright daytime lighting.

Green laser beams are more readily visible than other laser color because of a phenomenon called Rayleigh Scattering, an effect caused by the scattering and agitation of air molecules. The visible beam of the green laser makes it a very popular laser pointer tool for astronomy enthusiasts who can directly focus the beam at any celestial object during presentations and lectures.

As a straight line tool, the green laser has an edge as its beam is visible as opposed to aligning points and objects with just a laser dot. Although some advice that a green laser with a low output power of 5mW is sufficient enough for a laser pointer, it is undeniable that higher powered green lasers shoot out a more distinct and brighter beams.

The green laser pointer is widely available these days, but only a few legitimate manufacturers and suppliers offer the safe and genuine variety. The big laser players can be easily searched on the internet, including the latest player Vectralasers who are staking claim to having the green laser pointer with the world's smallest beam divergence. Having a small beam divergence means having a more efficiently powerful laser output and a higher burning capacity.

Incidentally, sources say that Vectra Lasers is owned by former Techlasers CEO Kevin Torres in collaboration with top CNI engineers.

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