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A stone or crystal's physical properties often speak to people who are most open to their natural being. This is said to be a 'vibration' that is felt when handling a stone or crystal. You have probably experienced something similar when looking through stones and crystals in a shop. Some people are naturally drawn to a stone because of a particular shape or texture and may feel a connection when handling it. Others are drawn to stones and crystals because of color which plays a very important role in crystal therapy, as each color has different metaphysical qualities.

Choosing a stone or crystal for its color association is a good way to build a collection. Gifting a stone or crystal based on color is helpful when you know what colors to look for. For instance, howlite and moonstone are white which promotes calmness, emotional balance, and awareness, all useful qualities for enhancing meditation. On the other hand, blue stones, like lapis, are synonymous with friendship and truth and resonate with the brow chakra. Choosing a stone or crystal for its color is particularly useful when you can't handle the stone before buying.

Another way to choose a stone for your collection is by selecting something based on your Zodiac sign. There are more stones and crystals associated with each one other than traditional birthstones. For instance, Agate is associated with Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, while Amber is useful for Cancer, Leo, and Virgo signs. Agate is most noted for its balancing properties while amber is associated with positive energy and cleansing. In ancient folklore, wearing or carrying both your birthstone and the stone of your patron saint was said to bring about good fortune.

Some people choose stones and crystals for their meditative properties. Rose quartz and turquoise are both popular choices for meditation but there are many different, lesser known stones with similar properties. Using stones with meditation has often helped people remain more focused, allowing them to reach deeper meditative states and a more relaxed state of mind which in turn relieves more stress and negative energy.

If you are just beginning to build a collection, you may choose to look for sets of stones that include a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. This allows you to explore the properties of several different stones and their effect on you. You can select sets that contain a mixture of polished and rough stones, a variety of colors, and different shapes. You might also choose to select stones associated with specific chakras.

In addition to choosing stones and crystals for your own use, they make a wonderful gift for friends and family. They last forever, speak to people in different ways and can pass on their properties to other people. If you've ever handled a stone and then thought of someone special, it may be the stone's way of telling you where it belongs. Gifting a stone can show a person that you were thinking about them or you can gift a stone to someone strictly for its reputed abilities without ever telling the recipient why. This is a way of spreading good wishes and love.

Even though there are many healing attributes to stones and crystals as evidenced by ancient folklore, the intent of use is as important as the stone itself. Look for stones that you are drawn to for whatever reason you have at the moment. Add to your collection based on your current energy and mood and you will likely see your collection grow in accordance to who you are and what you truly value about yourself.Raven's Crystals healing crystal are priced at about the fairest prices for healing crystals and healing stones you'll ever see in the crystal industry. Explore and Browse By Price for your budget needs and unique collection of Healing Crystals and Minerals. We buy crystals in quantity, from crystal sources all over the world, known for their crystal quality. We have abundant healing crystals and we love each and every crystal and stone.

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