When the Cooler Master HAF 932 arrived in the


The only way that the HAF could remotely resemble David Hasselhoff is if Mr. Hoff got into a bar fight with steel girder. The HAF is solid, unlike Mr. Hoff, the side panels make one feel like an iron foundry worker every time you hold one. The rest of the chassis oozes brute strength, not even the side panel window tries to pretty up the look. In fact it reminds one of plate glass with wire mesh reinforcement. Cooler Master has made some very spacious cases in the past and the HAF is no exception. Not as big as a Stacker, the HAF (which stands for High Air Flow) has enough space to accommodate a quad CrossFire setup or a triple SLI setup with ease.

There is enough space to mount 120mm radiators either on the top or the bottom of the case, so those interested in water cooling need not worry about a lack of space. The option to mount the PSU either at the top or the bottom is always welcome but mounting it in the traditional spot will necessitate the removal of the top fan.

Bottom mounting will be an issue for PSUs with short ATX 24pin cables. Normally removing a fan would be child's play but CM has for some unknown reason decided to use hex screws that require an Alan key. This is just annoying. Living up to its name, the HAF 932 has exceptional airflow thanks to the three 230mm fans (top, front and left-side panel) and the 140mm fan (rear). Due to their size these fans are whisper quiet. An added bonus is that all the fans can be powered off the PSU or by the motherboard; the motherboard headers will also provide the option of reading fan speeds.

Drive mounting is always important, and the HAF fulfils all the requirements that we could think of. The hard drive mounting is perpendicular to the front fan which means that cables can be hidden away from the open side. The drive holders are easy to remove and hard drive retention requires no screws, utilizing simple pins to hold the hard drive in the rack.

Installing optical drives is as easy as pushing a button, which then locks the drive in place by pushing in two pins in the screw holes, simple and elegant. Being such a large case and once a full gaming setup is mounted inside, this case will easily weigh over 20kgs, Moving such a machine can be back breaking, this is where it became evident that CM really did their homework. CM threw in four caster wheels that can be used in place of the fitted feet; this was truly the cherry on the top.

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