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Monitoring and Recording

For parents who send the car with their teen drivers at home, safety is at question. With no guarantee that your teen will drive without speeding or obeying your traffic rules, it is best to have cameras installed inside the car to monitor their activities inside. You can view if your teen is driving with negligence such as texting in between, answering or making calls, or chatting with friends without paying attention to the road traffic. Having such a system forces them to focus on their driving, and maintain a proper driving discipline. If you are unable to monitor, do not worry as such systems come with recording features. Car camera recorders in Singapore have been very useful to busy businessmen running car rental services who want to monitor their employees' driving habits.

Additional Functions

Car surveillance camera systems come with various functions. Depending upon the functionality, the price of the systems varies. In addition to possessing recording facilities, some come with GPS functionality that navigates you through the right direction to reach a destination without hassles or getting into unexpected traffic. There are cameras that can be installed outside the vehicle to monitor the front and back, there are systems that can be installed inside to have a clear view of the activities inside. It is best to have a combination of these systems to ensure you can monitor the entire vehicle from inside and outside. With car theft on the rise, it is important to have these on your car so you can easily help the police catch the thief in the event of a theft. They can be great in solving crimes and can help justify your insurance claims.

Enable Night Recording

For covering the entire car, you need to have multiple cameras installed. No camera system can give you a 360 degree view of the vehicle. In cases where your car is stolen and that you have a surveillance system installed; there are high chances that the thief gets distracted as his image is already captured as evidence. Not all car camera recorders in Singapore offer proper vision during the night. It is best to have a low light camera system installed, to ensure proper night vision of the vehicle.

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