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With regards to appears to be like and condition, the EX30 is virtually identical to the latest new member of Epson's lower-priced PowerLite S loved ones, the S6, but has some gray accents, as opposed to the S6's all-white system. Like one other Epson budget models, the EX30 is not any lightweight, weighing in at five.8 pounds, but its travel pounds of 6.7 pounds (such as the usual complement of cables and remote manage) however matches effectively within just our definition of moveable.

Certainly, price range models ought to have some shortcomings-in any other case, who would buy anything else? The EX30 has no optical zoom, which may be a problem when fitting an image to a specific display dimension. It is partially offset by a two-prong AC cable plug that may mate with any extension cord, creating it easy to utilize this design just about anyplace.

The remote manage, which may be the size of your tiny mobile phone, lacks a laser pointer but does incorporate some modest but helpful buttons for navigating a PowerPoint slideshow. For some odd reason, these Site Up/Down buttons don't work by default. To activate them, you need to entry the projector's on-display menu.

Overall Performance

As with pretty much all budget models, the EX30 has quite lower resolution (800 x 600, or SVGA), but the image was enjoyably big. The projector created an image sizing of 54 ins in diagonal at a 5-foot display screen distance.

On our lab tests the EX30 performed rather nicely, if not superbly. Our brightness take a look at revealed 1946 ANSI lumens, significantly less than 10 percent shy with the advertised worth and just as bright as models twice its value. On our checkerboard distinction check, it scored a ratio of 226:one, about common for LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY projectors. Up close, the particular person pixels showed a slight registration error, with pink and blue fringes. This tends to make incredibly little textual content tough to read, but you're unlikely to generally be making use of really smaller text within a presentation anyway.

Within the plus part, that exact same LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY technologies generated attractive colors, specifically brilliant yellows and prosperous reds. The photos have been also amazingly regular, without even the slightest hint of flicker. The cooling fan noise within the default large-energy mode seemed about normal, but in very low-strength mode (only 20 dimmer) it had been extremely peaceful.

Even though you don't usually think of an SVGA projector in association with large-definition TELEVISION SET, the EX30 comes with its own personal component video adapter-a function lacking on quite a few larger-resolution projectors. Guaranteed adequate, when we linked the EX30 to our 1080i fixed-leading field, we have been impressed while using photograph. While we did see some occasional movement blur, this product's reasonably very low resolution seemed to stand up well with larger-resolution XGA models.

The EX30's warm-up and cooldown times ended up being amazingly small: 14 seconds and three seconds, respectively. Accessing the cooling fan filter, which must be changed periodically on all LCD projectors, is very simple.


Like any price range unit, the $549 Epson EX30 will not be really good. In fact, the NEC NP100 gives even better performance for that greenback, but in the event you want the rich colors of an LCD projector along with a super-continuous image for the spending budget price tag, the EX30 ought to be substantial on your checklist.

The new Epson EX30 is a single of your price range projectors in Epson's lineup. It absolutely was released only a couple of weeks spine and gives a great deal of attributes and has very great specs, but is accessible at a very good cost which almost defies its features. It truly is one in the ideal projectors available in that vary. In such a research, we check out the Epson EX30 and see how it stacks up against other projectors in its vary.

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