What should be used to clean optical glass? Jinsheng Electric Light Source Material Factory tells you!

by:Crylight     2021-05-05

Nowadays, the economic level is constantly improving, and the glass industry is also constantly developing. While researching and developing new varieties, it also strengthens the original glass types. Various types of deep-processed glass gradually replace ordinary flat glass and shine in their respective application fields. In order to have a more in-depth understanding of optical glass, Jinsheng Electric Light Source Material Factory will introduce you to what to clean optical glass.

What should be used to clean optical glass?

The optical glass cleaning agent is a highly concentrated cleaning agent, which is prepared by a variety of imported organics, surfactants, inorganic salts and other scientific processes. It has strong removal power for dirt, oil stains, wax, carbon black, beeswax and other residues, cerium oxide, epoxy resin, etc. on the surface of various optical glass lenses, and it is easy to rinse. It is basically non-corrosive to all kinds of soft and hard lenses, especially for soft lenses, it is extremely difficult to produce latent injuries, and it is extremely safe to use.

1. Strong cleaning power, no residue, easy to rinse. 2. Environmental protection type: does not contain toxic and corrosive substances such as sulfur and benzene. 3. Easily soluble in water, not volatile, and non-irritating odor. 4. It is safe and non-corrosive to all kinds of glass, metal, plastic, fiber, etc.

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