What is anti-radiation lens safety care RGP lens


   anti-radiation lens is coated with anti-radiation metal compounds on both sides of the spectacle lens, which can form a barrier on the surface of the lens, which can reflect 100% of electromagnetic waves, plus the original nine layers The non-reflective multi-layer film, anti-flower coating, anti-fouling, and waterproof coating make the lens not generate static electricity and can be waterproof and anti-fouling. It can keep the lens clean and not easy to have dust and stains.

   The function of anti-radiation lens for eye protection:

  In modern social life and work, it is inevitable to touch computers, televisions and other electrical appliances, and all kinds of electrical appliances produce electromagnetic waves, which are harmful to the human body, especially the optical lens is to the eyes, on the one hand, it directly hurts the eyes. On the other hand, it is easy to cause eye fatigue and cause vision loss. The anti-radiation lens sets up a line of defense outside the eyes to isolate the eyes from various electromagnetic radiation.

  Appearance of anti-radiation lens:

  Modern anti-radiation lens has blue film, green film, yellow film, purple膜等。 Membrane and so on.

Identification of anti-radiation lens:

   Identify whether the lens is radiation-resistant, the principle is that the surface of the lens is plated with a metal compound. It can conduct electricity, so the lens that can pass weak current has anti-radiation function.

  In order to wear RGP contact lenses safely, the wearer should take the optical lens solution and strictly follow the routine operation of RGP lens care:

   1. Before operating the lens, be sure to wash your hands, rinse, and dry.

  2, be sure to use fresh care solution to rinse the lens. (Check the validity period before use)

  3. Use the lens care system recommended by the optician and strictly follow the care instructions on the label. Different care solutions cannot be mixed at will, and not all care solutions are safe for all lenses. It is best to be used only after the guidance and recommendation of the fitter.

  4. The nursing nights that are already in use cannot be replaced and mixed at will, unless there is a clear indication on the label of the nursing solution, or the focusing lens is based on the advice of the doctor.

   5. Take out, clean, rinse and disinfect the lenses in strict accordance with the schedule specified by the optician. Protease tablets and cleaning solutions cannot replace disinfection solutions.

   6. Saliva or any liquid other than the recommended ones can not be used to lubricate and moisturize the lenses. Do not put the lens in the mouth.

  7. Some care solutions may have more than one function, which will be explained on the label. Read the label instructions on the care solution bottle and follow its instructions.

   8. Clean one lens first (get in the habit of always starting with the left or right lens first to avoid confusion between double glasses) and rinse thoroughly to Remove the cleansing liquid, tear secretion, and film from the aspheric mirror surface of the lens surface. Be sure to follow the instructions on the cleaning fluid label. Put the lens in the lens storage box. Repeat the operation for the other lens.

  9. After cleaning the lens, use the disinfectant recommended by the optician or lens manufacturer to disinfect the lens, and follow the instructions on the label of the disinfectant.

  10. After taking out the lens from the lens box, empty the soaking solution according to the method recommended by the lens box manufacturer or the optician, rinse the lens box, and expose the lens box to Dry in the air. When using the lens box again, refill it with fresh storage liquid. The lens box should be replaced regularly at the time recommended by the lens box manufacturer or optician.


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