We all know that chandeliers are beautiful. Well


Now on the flip side, you can take a plain, nicked hued Williamsburg style chandelier and dress it up quite a bit, yes you hear it right. You can find this type of chandelier for under a hundred bucks at your local home improvement store. You can make this less than hundred dollar chandelier look like a million bucks by adding accessories to it. You can buy crystals by the strand from a chandelier parts or lighting store. Although green and red garlands of beads scream 'Christmas,' clear, pearlescent, silver, gold and copper multifaceted beads are multifunctional. That is something that gives it life and glamour. These beads can dress up an otherwise plain chandelier. You can also find pastel colored strands of beads in the holiday section of a craft store that would look quite charming on the chandelier of a young girl's room. It is highly recommended to try and search for it.

A garland of beads from the holiday section of a craft store can be bought at a fraction of the cost of a strand of crystals made especially for a chandelier. If you shop the after holiday sales, you can save even more money on these 'chandelier' accessories. Moreover, while specialty lighting stores have a limited style of chandelier accessories, the holiday section of a craft store or any other store will have tons of shapes, styles and colors from which to choose. Be on the lookout for ornaments that can act as decorative accents on your chandelier as well. Once you have purchased the accessories for your chandelier, experiment by hanging the beads in different ways on the arms of the chandelier.

Perhaps, you will want to hang the cut strand of beads from the crown of the chandelier past each arm of the chandelier and back up again. Maybe you will want to wrap a strand of beads around the entire body of the chandelier including its arms. Twisty ties can be used to keep the strands of beads in place when testing different ways of arranging the beads on your chandelier. When strategically placed, twisty ties can be used without notice in the final creation of your newly accessorized chandelier. Fishing wire or very thin bendable wire can be used, as well, to secure strands of beads and ornaments to your chandelier. It is really good to have a chandelier with your own made and it gives you the satisfaction of having your own designed crystal chandelier.

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