Wall mounted shelves can serve two very important


Common Uses

Wall shelves are used to store a wide range of things. In the living room they are used to store and showcase things like CD's, decorative accents and pictures. In the bathroom they are used for things like towels or tissues. In the kitchen they can be used to highlight dishes or for canisters containing flower or spices. In the office they are used to store books and office supplies. And in kids rooms they are used to store toys and clothes.

Wall shelves are vital in closets and pantries. They allow you to organize items and make better use of the closet space. This in turn can make little things in life easier, especially when you are in a hurry. If you have a space for things and you know where they are it can help eliminate the potential frustration of not being able to find something or not knowing if you are out of something.

Common Materials

Most wall mounted shelves are made of wood, wire or glass. Wood shelves are probably the most versatile because they can be used for either storage or decoration. Wire shelves are most commonly used in pantries and closets for storage. Glass is typically used for decorative shelves; they can offer a great look for modern homes.

Common Styles

There are a few styles or types of wall shelves that are commonly used today. There are adjustable, decorative, floating, corner and cube shelves.

Adjustable shelves attach to vertical metal strips on the wall that allow you to adjust the shelf placement. This type looks a little messier because of the strips so they are better used in basements or closets.

Decorative and floating shelves are most commonly used for things like decorative accents and pictures, but they can be used in the bathroom or kitchen to store regularly used items and improve the functionality of the room as well.

In most cases wall mounted cube shelves and corner shelves are smaller and mainly used for decoration. Floor cube shelving is typically larger and better for storage.

Things To Consider

When choosing wall shelves think about how you want to use them. Consider the size and weight of the items you want to put on them and whether they will be used for storage, looks or a little of both. For a clean, contemporary look in the bathroom consider floating white shelves; for improved storage in the closet consider sturdy wooden shelves.

Look at a few pictures to get ideas. Consider your budget, your needs and the style of your home when shopping. Finding and installing the right wall shelves can help improve the look and feel of your home.

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