Transmit optical touch screen or lead the future touch screen market


   The current mainstream touch technologies in the domestic market are mainly infrared, surface acoustic wave and resistive screens, but these technologies also have flaws, such as the need for force to click on the sonic screen and unstable performance of the resistive screen. Wait. The emergence of optical touch screens has basically solved the problems of many touch screens, and has sufficient conditions to lead the future touch market. First, the optical touch technology is superior to the existing technology in terms of response speed and touch accuracy. Among the many existing touch technologies, infrared technology is superior to other technologies in response speed, sensitivity and touch strength, and it is slightly inferior to optical technology (because everyone knows that the propagation speed of light is 3X108m/s, its response Speed u200bu200bis of course second to none).  The optical touch screen may lead the future touch market. What is the future development trend of touch technology? This is one of the concerns of many manufacturers. Touch technology emerges endlessly. What will lead the trend in the future?   In terms of size, the optical touch screen can be more than 250 inches, and the production cost will not increase significantly when the size increases. Compared with other technologies, the larger the size, the more obvious the price advantage. The most important point is that from the perspective of IT industry development trends, Microsoft's future new version of the operating system will vigorously support the use of touch technology, and intends to civilianize touch technology. Including some operating system accompanying application software, such as touch handwriting pad, two-point touch and so on. All in all, the installation of a digital signage system mainly depends on execution, and only those manufacturers who can always pay attention to their customers will eventually become winners. Through the continuous innovation of the digital signage system, the brand will continue to be improved, and the continuous attention to new technologies will achieve good returns. Rear projection method: Intuitively speaking, there is no restriction on the projection angle, which can avoid the occlusion of the displayed products by the projector; in terms of performance, the rear projection has high light transmittance, high brightness, high contrast, and presents real scene and image at the same time. Function: The non-gloss and non-reflective anti-glare surface can effectively absorb the background light and resist the reflection from windows and artificial lighting equipment, so that the picture is clear and distortion-free. Practical occasions: large-screen multimedia exhibition and information query, water conservancy monitoring center, building lobby broadcast and query system, star-rated cinema interactive digital window system, public security 110 command center, video conference or training, power dispatch center, telecommunications network management center, exhibition venues Interactive booths, military command centers, traffic headquarters, large-scale exhibitions, stage evening parties and other places.

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