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ENVIRONMENT - Traditional liposuction is carried out in a cosmetic surgery. However with laser liposuction this treatment can now be carried out in the soothing and relaxing environment of luxurious spa or salon. This provides an overall more positive experience for the client.

TOOLS - Traditional liposuction is invasive and requires fat removal through an incision via a cannula. This causes rupture to the skin and leaves scarring. With laser liposuction systems such as the Sigma LumiNova Pro 84 there is no pain or scaring post treatment. The laser system comes with 4 paddles with 8 laser diodes which are placed on the skin to emulsify the fat. The system also has 2 small lymph paddles to assist with fat drainage.

EXPERIENCE - There is a stark difference between the user experiences of each method. Traditional liposuction requires the patient to be anesthetised in order for the invasive treatment to be carried out by a cosmetic surgeon. Due to the invasive nature of the treatment the client will experience post surgery pain and will require down time to recover from the process. Laser liposuction offers a very much more relaxing experience. The client is awake while the pads which contain laser diodes are placed over the treatment area. Then two more laser probes are positioned onto the region of the lymphatic nodes closest to the treatment zone. Once the treatment is over, a quick 15 - 20 minute cardio session will augment the process.

DOWN TIME - Post treatment, with traditional liposuction treatment there is down time, as with any invasive surgery. However with laser liposuction there is no downtime as this treatment is non-invasive. Therefore once the process has been completed the client is free to continue on with their daily routine as normal.

EFFECT ON THE BODY - With traditional liposuction cells are physically removed from the body which cannot grow back. However with laser liposuction, the fat is emulsified and drained away. This method does no harm to internal skin structures which will provide a more natural and smoother skin.

EFFECTIVENESS - With traditional liposuction the treatment is complete in one session. The skin therefore will not have enough time to tighten which means the treatment often results in loose skin which may need further surgery. With laser liposuction the treatment can be split over a period of time so the skin has time to tighten between sessions. Moreover, the lasers help stimulate collagen which promotes youthful skin.

At Crystal Medical our Sigma LumiSlim Pro 84 is built to medical specifications and is under a warrantee for 5 years. No other machine is quite like it in terms of looks, quality and performance. Equip your salon today and receive free fully comprehensive training for this system. With no deposit rental, you can take your business into the high income super league of elite clinics.

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