To start the creative practice of visualization

by:Crylight     2020-09-23


Multiple targets dissipate your desperately needed energy. Don't allow your goals to water each other down. Focus most intently on only one objective at the one time.


Be obsessively specific. Like a laser-guided missile, your mind needs to hone in with digital precision upon its target. It can't zero on to your target unless it can pinpoint it precisely. Now memorize your goal in no more than 4 words. Aiming toward a known 'facsimile' or an existing 'likeness' of your objective is a SENSATIONAL idea.

For more intangible, more subjective aims such as:

~ Your perfect partner

~ Becoming more positive

~ Becoming more confidentBecoming happier

~ Becoming more secure

~ Becoming more popular

Put yourself imaginatively into the shoes of a 'role model' or hero or 'an admired one' characteristically exhibiting these qualities. You cannot begin to imagine how incredibly potent this exercise is.

For example to become a better golfer, put yourself into the shoes of Tiger Woods. To become a better chick magnet, put yourself into the shoes of Tiger Woods. To become a freewheeling billionaire, put yourself into the shoes of Tiger Woods.


This step while not mandatory, is recommended for rookies or for supreme benefit of others. Get yourself some me-space and some me-time. If you know how to meditate do this now. Otherwise, play yourself some Baroque or New Age ambient music, at barely audible levels.


Gently close your eyes and In your mind's eye create as vivid picture as you can of your intentions. Visualize the destination, the final result, not the process or method of getting there. Visualize as if it has already happened say a week or 2 ago. Not weeks from now, not tomorrow, but some 10 days ago.


It is desirable but not essential that you are able to visualize with eyes closed with crystal clarity. Your intense intention is the driver of your manifestation. I can create near miraculous manifestations, yet am not able sometimes to see the outcome with super-vision.

~ How do you now see the world?

~ Do you hear things a little differently? How?

~ Do you sense aromas a little differently? How?

~ Does food and drink taste a little differently? How?

~ Do things you touch, or squeeze, or walk on, feel a little differently? How?

~ How do you feel emotionally, now that you have reached your milestone?

~ Swim deeply into those emotions. Tremble with excitement. Cry with joy, ache with laughter?

Bring in friends, relatives, superiors, workmates, even competitors, into your expanded vision arena, Call them on the telephone or mobile, email them, invite them to a party, travel to greet them. Get them involved anyway you can.

~ What are they saying to each other?

~ What are they saying to you?

~ What are they doing to each other?

~ What are they doing to you?


Starting out, you'll probably need greater than 30 repetitions for most manifestations. However you'll get an 'omen' that your visualization is in 'process' within 72 Hours. Sometimes immediately, but always within 3 days. Look out for it! However, do not stop your repetitions before 30 complete cycles (unless of course your target is fully executed prior).

One creative Visualization cycle should take around some 20 minutes. Complete at least 4 full creative visualization cycles per day. So your goal work should take you about 7-8days. The intensity this involves is of highly critical importance. You SHOULD feel as if you've really 'overworked' your goal. Hearing you say you can't find time to do this every day tells me you don't seriously desire your intention. Reconcile this and act accordingly.

The day you complete your 7 day visualization project, immediately commence a new one. You'll find many will manifest before the 7 days are up. Create a new one at that time.

If you follow this regime to the letter, you'll find that every single one of your deepest desires will become part of your life without fail. Every one. Just like clockwork. You will then have discovered that Creative Visualization is the ONLY, repeat only true personal development methodology, bar none.

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