This digital camcorder is a very practical one


The 3' TFT LCD screen of the digital camcorder enables you to see the things or the subject that you are recording or you have only recorded. It can be rotated 270 degrees so can view it in various directions. The 16 X zoom lens having a capacity of 16MP enables you to choose from 9 resolution ratios. It has a built in speaker and microphone. It has a VGA AV OUT and an external SD memory of 32 GB. Since it is very small and light it can easily fit into your pocket or your purse so that it is always there when ever you require it.

With the movies shot by this digital camcorder you can experience the same vibrancy, richness and clarity of the movies which you see in theatres shot by professionals. The CMOS sensor of this digital camcorder enables you to capture the colors accurately, the lush greens of mother nature, the serene blues of the seas and ocean or the bright colored gown your beloved as adorned, this camcorder does full justice to the subjects it is capturing through its lenses. If you want to impress some one then go ahead and capture some wonderful videos or pictures from this magical digital camcorder and show it to them, you can be assured that you can just sweep the person off their feet. You will end up becoming very popular in your circle of friends.

In case you want to give some extraordinary gift to some one special then this digital camcorder is the perfect and ideal gift. It is very sophisticated to look at and at the same time can capture all the captivating moments of your life which you spend with your loved ones and preserve these wonderful memories for years together.

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