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During laser eye surgery in Delhi, local anesthetic drops are put into the eyes before proceeding with the surgery. A knife is used to cut the flap in the cornea. A hinge is left at one end of the flap. The flap is then folded back to reveal the middle part of the cornea. Pulses from the laser vaporize the portion when the flap is replaced. An eye patch is usually applied on the treated eyes for 24 hours.

Patients should note that both these eyes can be treated on the same day but the consultant can highlight the risk. Each eye should be treated separately in order to reduce the risk of contaminations and complications. A laser eye surgeon in Delhi carries out this surgery to permanently change the shape of cornea which is the clear covering the colored iris. This also includes the lens, which are just behind the pupil of the eye.

People need to wear glasses for various reasons. This is because some people are short-sighted or myopic. This is also due to cornea being too steeply curved or the eye longer than normal. In this way the light ray fall in short of retina which is the area at the back which interprets the image and results in blurred distance vision.

Some factors which might lead to development of cataract occur much earlier in life due to excessive exposure to ultra-violent exposures, smoking, diabetes or the use of certain medications like oral, inhaled or topical steroids. All kinds of cataracts fundamentally change the overall clarity of eyes as this can occur early in life or as result of aging.

The other kind is the people with long-sightedness or hyperopic because the cornea is too flat and eye is too short. This means that eye focuses too far beyond the retina. There is another condition where cornea is oval than spherical which is known as astigmatism. In fact this produces two focal points that can blur images at all distances. Laser eye surgery can help to correct these problems.

Cataract is another common eye disease in senior adults which is caused due to clouding of natural lens that affects the vision adversely. These are changes in the clarity of natural lens which gradually degrade the visual quality. The lens is made up of water and protein. Here the protein is arranged in precise way which keeps the lens clear so that the light can pass through it.

With age the protein might clump together and start to cloud a small area of the lens. Cataract treatment in Delhi is carried out for conditions like congenital, traumatic, senile, diabetic, zuvinile etc. Significant cataracts block and distorts light passing through the lens which causes visual complaints.

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