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Although, most people are aware of the benefits of security camera systems, very few actually give a serious thought to the fact that not the same kind of security cameras work for both home and office. In a home environment, you can easily use wireless cameras. You can fit them where they can be seen like the entry and exit points of the use or you can fit them at places where they cannot be seen. The wireless can also be moved from one place to another easily. But for workplace scenarios wireless cameras are not as effective. The hard wired cameras provide better durability and the picture quality of these cameras are also better than the wireless ones.

There are various types of security camera systems available in the market, like, a bullet, dome, c-mount and infrared, etc. All these cameras are used for security purposes but before you decide to buy just any one of them, you need to know that their features depend on whether you are going to use them in daylight or night, indoor or outdoor, etc. The bullet shaped cameras are very popular as they can be used both indoor and outdoor and come with a metal casing which is weather resistant. They are available in both color and monochrome and with all mounting hardware.

Infrared cameras can record images even at places where there is no light. The infrared feature around the lens, help it to capture images of objects which are twenty five feet away, even if there is no light. The dome shaped cameras, on the other hand, are strong and sturdy. They can easily survive a hammer blow which weighs up to 10 lbs. These cameras are generally installed outside homes and offices.

Be assured that you will get a wide variety to choose from when you decide to go shopping for Security Camera Systems . There are cameras which can capture not just video but also sound, there also others which can capture time-lapse. Latest security cameras come with a feature that does not require a separate monitor to view the recorded footage. The signals from the camera can transfer the video directly to you television. This obviously needs internet access. This feature enables you to check the videos provided from any computer connected to the internet even when you are not at home. The Security Cameras Systems which come with motion detectors can easily be programmed to trigger off an alarm if anybody comes close to the object.

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