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Lenses are worn on the cornea of the eye. There are by far four varieties among them, namely, visibility tints, opaque colored, enhancement tints and light filtering lenses. In every contact lens there is a spherical mid part which is not tinted. This area coincides with the pupil due to which the wearer can see clearly through it, albeit the lenses are colored.

If the contact lenses are not typically colored, then also they are rendered a light tinge of green or blue color to them. This is for effortlessly finding out the position of lenses when they are in their special solvent in the container or have fallen down. This kind of colored lenses is named as visibility tints.

If you desire the shade of your eyes converted in full, opaque color tints are correct for that job. There is a wide diversity in this sort of lenses also, which are categorized by sorts of skin of wearers. The most appreciated in these are light brown, blue or hazel green, yet they are also presented in other enchanting colors for example aquamarine, violet, grey and amethyst. More and more excellence is achieved while creating these lenses and the fine lines and shading of the original eyes are precisely copied so as to present the most realistic look.

Enhancement tints, as the name indicates, enhance or add to the natural light color of the eyes. With the help of these lenses the natural color of the eye is improved and not transformed.

Light filtering lenses are lately formulated and have a particular function. They are used normally by sportsmen and sportswomen. These lenses suppress some specific colors and enhance the other ones. This enables the wearer locate the ball more comfortably.

Certain care is required to be taken at the time of making use of colored contact lenses. They should not be donned in excessively strong or intensely faint lights. The reason for this is our pupils are intended to reduce in size or relax based on strong or dim light respectively. In such a circumstance, when the pupils increase in size, there are chances of deformation of vision.

If you use colored contact lenses which are daily disposable, they are not necessary to be washed, as, they are to be abandoned when the day ends. If the lenses are not of that type, they need to be taken care of in the same fashion as you take care of your regular contact lenses. Simply like you cleanse your normal lenses using the cleaning solution, to protect them from protein accumulation, colored contact lenses too should be cleaned to get the same effect and with thoroughly clean hands.

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