These days DSLR cameras are very much in style


Deciding the correct lens for your camera is of same importance like the other features of your cameras. Since, some lenses are highly priced and can't afford by everyone but those who are photo freaks cost doesn't matter as long as the lens is right. Others stick according their resources. Some of the most normally used lens types are:


Standard lens covers a focal length of about 18 - 55 mm. Generally, this type of lens comes with most of the cameras. This lens provides photos with a natural feel. They produce excellent image quality with versatility. These are also known as normal lens. They offer wide angle lens with modest photography.

Telephoto Zoom

These are the most popular DSLR lenses with amazing levels of quality. It comes in the range of 200 - 300 mm. Telephoto zoom lenses are used by professional photographers and useful for taking pictures related with wildlife photography and sports or actions. These are generally higher in price. The extra zooming facility helps you take images closer.

Prime lens

Prime lens has just one focal length i.e with the 50 mm lens. Prime lens are known for better image quality and optics. These lenses are cheaper from other lenses. These are also smaller in size and lighter in weight. Prime lenses are ideal for portraits.


Wideangle lens are helpful to take wide sceneries in your focal length. Beautiful landscapes easily fit in your focal length of a wideangle lens which is around 35 mm. The shorter focal length the more the number of objects you can fit in your range. So go for it.


Superzoom lenses are famous for covering wide range of shooting. Professional love to use this type of lenses because of maximum zooming facility. These lenses have a focal length range of about 18 - 200 mm. One had to be very careful while taking images to avoid shaking of images.


Its hemispherical effect made it more admired by number of people and photographers. Actually, fisheye lens is an ultra wide angle lens. It gives you a full 180 degree Field of View (FOV), amazing shots and better quality images. It also offers a typical feature that is commonly known as 'barrel distortion'. There are two different types of fisheye lenses, one is a circular fisheye and the other one is a diagonal fisheye. From circular lens, one can take circular images and provide different view while in diagonal fisheye; it maps a 180 degree FOV diagonally across your cameras sensor. Meteorology department uses these lenses to study the formation of clouds. It is also known as whole sky lenses.

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