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While beer glasses offer the perfect way to provide beer, stouts and ales to your customers, many different styles of glasses have been introduced through the years. Many of these have reflected the drinking traditions of their country of origin, whilst others have been designed to specifically enhance flavour and aroma.

For the modern caterer, whilst branded glasses prove ever-popular, and many high-end businesses are keen to allow customers to fully appreciate the flavours of their ales, the fundamentals rule. Looking after the practicalities such as stacking and washing and being resilient to the hectic use in a professional environment is important.

In this regard, the Ultimate Pint glass by Arcoroc has proven extremely popular. Seeing the first major development in over five decades, the fully tempered glass provides five times greater strength than its rivals. Creating fantastic resilience to heat and shock, each glass is also laser etched to aid head retention to provide a great all-rounder.

A very cheap and effective option is still the array of standard beer glasses though. One of the most popular beer glasses in pubs throughout the UK is the Nonic glass, with its unmistakable bulge a couple of inches from the top. Designed to provide extra grip and aiding with stacking, it also gives greater strength and durability. This resilience is what gives it its name too, with 'Nonic' being a truncation of 'no nick'.

Equally popular in restaurants, pubs and clubs is the Tulip glass. which has a flared upper, gently bulbous body and a tapered lower. Designed to enhance aroma, it is also ideally styled for stacking. Another very popular design is the conical glass, which lends a contemporary feel to drinking, with the truncated cone providing great strength and stacking credentials.

For a little more elegance, the Pilsner glass is also very popular, especially in restaurants and city centre establishments. Tall, slender and with a tapered design, they were traditionally designed to enhance the look, taste and aroma of many pilsner beers. Today, they are often used to not just serve pilsner, but many light beers and lagers from the UK and across Europe.

Plastic beer glasses have come a very long way over recent years and, quite apart from providing just a single use, are now safe for hundreds of cycles. Designed from toughened plastics, they are lightweight yet practically unbreakable. Designed with a comfortable shape that facilitates stacking too, they are perfect for the outdoor caterer.

There is nothing standard about modern-day beer glasses, and the above are just a selection of the most popular used in the UK. With many other styles such as Cin-Cin and Goblet, as well as many branded glasses for the biggest suppliers, professional catering equipment suppliers always have an extensive stock, which provide a great marketing vessel as well as a great drinking vessel.

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