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The first thing that a person might do to find the best phone for them is to decide whether or not the phone is going to be for work or personal. There are phones that are designed to withstand the work load that a business phone will receive and then there are phones that are more user friendly but do not have some features that business people need. The Blackberry 9780 Bold is a phone that is great for business but could potentially be used for personal use.

With this device comes a brand new Operating System, Blackberry OS 6.0 that users will enjoy and find productive at the same time. There are a few new features that users will notice but for the most part the same structure of the system functions the same way. One of the newest features that will be noticeable is the new setup wizard. The setup will give people a more in-depth walk through of the phone and not leave them to discover features for themselves. There are quite a few help tutorials at the end of the setup that will help users complete the setup without wanting to give up the phone before they even have a chance to enjoy it.

The first major change that Blackberry 9780 Bold users will notice is the Home screen. The most notable of these features is the Navigation Bar, Connections Shortcut, a Universal Search and Shortcuts to Sound Profiles. The navigation bar is the most welcomed feature for many users because of the practicality of it. Users can view their home page in five different views that will give them a chance to look through all of them without wasting time trying to find a specific icon. Being able to have multiple views gives the phone a look that is more than just icons dumped onto the screen. The views of the icons add a sense of organization to a phone that is known for its use by business users.

It does not matter how many features a phone has if the hardware is not good enough to keep up with the software. The Blackberry 9780 Bold has good hardware that not only complements the software, but it enhances the Operating System. The screen size is relatively small measuring 2.44 inches and has a 480 by 360 pixel resolution. The CPU is a 624 MHz processor and is adequate to handle all of the applications that this phone can run. Finally, the camera on this phone is a standard 5MP rear camera but it takes pictures that are not distorted and look crisp.

Overall, the Blackberry 9780 Bold is a step up from some of the other Blackberry devices and the new Operating System is a welcomed improvement. Some of the more avid users of these phones may find that it is easier to use this phone because of the tutorials that help users become acquainted with their new phone.

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