There are many types of vision problems, which

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Types of eyeglasses

The type of eyeglasses to be used by you will be determined by the nature of your problem. The glasses differ in the lens they contain. People having nearsightedness should use glasses that have concave lenses. These lenses will be thin in the middle. If you have long sightedness, then you will be asked to use convex lenses. These lenses are constructed in a manner that they will be thick in the centre and thin towards the periphery. Apart from these types of lenses, there are cylindrical lenses, which are used to rectify the problem of astigmatism. These lenses are constructed in a way that they are more curved in one direction than the other is.

Choosing the right eyeglasses

You can choose from a wide variety of prescription eyewear at Glasses Mississauga. While choosing eyeglasses, the foremost priority should be given to the need. You should choose glasses having the exact kind of lenses that can cure your condition. If you use the improper kind of lenses, then it can worsen your condition and you may even lose your eyesight. For better protection, you can use eye lenses that have scratch-resistant covering. If you take part in sports or adventurous activities, then you may need to use special kind of lenses. Such people should use lenses that are impact resistant and shatter proof.

Eyeglasses come with models of different frames. You can choose a frame that goes well with the structure of your face. It is recommended that you choose a frame that is spring-loaded. This reduces the chances of the frame from getting bend and broken. At Glasses Mississauga, you can also ask for an addition of silicon nose pads to give the glasses an extra support and prevent it from sliding away. These silicon pads also increases the comfort factor while wearing the glasses. You can also make use of straps fitted to the frames, to keep them in position.

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