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Do you want to kick up the atmosphere in your club, bedroom, or college party? The LED Projector Lamp is the perfect way to do it. This lamp displays red and green laser lights onto the screen of your choice. It's perfect for a night of dancing, or to create the ideal atmosphere for a date or marriage proposal. It can also be fun at a children's party, when used with suitable adult supervision.

The lamp produces thousands of little coloured lights that twinkle and create the illusion of a starry night, right inside a building. Coupled with the right music, the effect is amazing and breathtaking. To boost the spectacle, the projector comes with a swivel stand that can be turned 360 degrees horizontally, so that with clever angling, it can cover a larger or smaller area as desired.

The projector itself is small and compact at 130 by 115 by 50mm, so it makes the perfect component for a DJ's itinerary or a road show. Its handle folds neatly onto its body for increased portability. The stand is foldable as well, and it can be detached and reattached at will.

The two lights that are used to make the star effect are a green laser of 532 nm wavelength and a red laser of 660nm wavelength. The lights can be made to move around as fast or slow as the user wants, because the projector has two glass lens built into it, as well as a precision motor to control and monitor speed.

The projector can't run intermittently. It can operate for just under 5 hours at a stretch before it overheats, so you should either use multiple units in well-timed alternate cycles, or save your projector for the best five hours of the party. They can help create a climax to your festivities, almost like an electronic fireworks display.

This little gadget full of red and green light can produce between 50 and 100 MW of power, and to run, it needs an AC adaptor whose electric input is 110-240V, and whose output is 6V DC 1.2A. Anything less than that and the little lights will not shine. Surges that are larger will likely fry the machine. As with all gadgets that emit strong light, try not to shine the stars into anyone's eyes. They might miss out the fun and go blind instead. The LED projector is available for purchase at Chinabuye, and as always, it comes with free shipping. Go buy yourself a unit and get the party started.

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