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In the past, it was quite difficult to correct astigmatism with contact lenses compared to the use of eyeglasses. However, the situation has been reversed. Many of these minute eye devices have been designed to remedy astigmatism. These are known as toric lenses and come in a broad assortment of lens, materials, fittings, patterns, and power. There are also bifocal and multifocal lenses which are made for presbyopia or defect in vision due to old age.

Moreover, there are soft contact lenses which take up the eye's front part like a glove and do not have the capacity to rectify astigmatism in its fundamental spherical form. However, it can be designed with one axis to correct more refractive errors. This variety of lens calls for more care in fitting compared to average standard soft contact lenses. It is necessary since the angle and power of the astigmatic correction should be matched with that of your eye. These are daily contact lenses but can be changed daily, two times each week, or monthly depending on the lens and your eye. Certain customized and special lenses for astigmatism are changed after longer interludes. These lenses come in silicone hydrogel materials together with customary soft lens materials.

Rigid gas-permeable lenses are not consistent with the shape of the eye because of its rigid nature. These have the capacity to cope with low to medium stages of astigmatism in its basic form. For more serious astigmatism, this can be made with one axis which can correct more refractive error than the other. This type of lens entails more care in fitting as against the gas-permeable contact lenses. The angle and power of the astigmatic correction needs to be harmonized with that of the eye. These lenses are worn during the day only and last from six to 12 months under normal conditions.

If you are affected by astigmatism, Proclear contact lenses provide you with a level of comfort which you will feel the longer you use your contacts during the day. The extraordinary level of comfort is made possible by PC technology, which creates a special material containing molecules of phosphorylcholine. This is a substance seen in human cell membranes. Said molecules attract and surround themselves with water. This keeps these contact lenses moist and comfortable even after one-half day of wear. These prescription lenses being sold in the market are not expensive. The material is of high-quality, resilient and comes in different varieties and designs.

The popular notion is that contact lenses are costly. You can enhance your vision and save money by purchasing cheap contacts. The welcome news is that there are several ways to find these inexpensive medical eye devices using the Internet, telephone, or e-mail. The easiest method is through online retailers provided you have the correct prescription. These suppliers have more inventories compared to optometrists and eye optical shops.

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