The use of surveillance cameras has been a successful


The Types

Car surveillance camera systems normally have great night visions to facilitate good quality recording even at night. There are devices that enable GPS logging. These extensive features cannot be found in all devices. Such devices can easily be installed on the dashboard, and can even report speeds. Car rentals, hotels and business firms have gained quite a lot from employing such cams inside the cars. If you long to have cams inside your car, go for the miniature ones that are not so expensive. Any break-in activity or violation of rule can be easily captured. The devices can be installed along with the cam or can be kept hidden inside the boot. The recording types vary depending upon their duration of recording and the power.

The Pros

Installing car surveillance camera systems can be a blessing to many. The devices can capture and record accidents and can be the best solution to clear any insurance disputes. You can prove your innocence at the court and have the insurance firm pay compensation for the damages, if any. Some even install cams in the license plates that are connected to a wireless security system. This is the second type of system designed to protect cars and such vehicles.

Where to Buy

Many online gadget stores sell car DVR camera video recorder in SG and camera systems at attractive rates. The basic cameras are quite easy on the pockets, yet those with additional features such as GPS logging are quite expensive. Cams that come with recording facilities that offer a 360 degree view of the outside and inside are highly expensive. The one with GPS logger is quite sufficient for anyone looking to just record the activities without needing a 360 degree view.

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