The total investment is 500 million! Flexible optical film manufacturing project settled in Yingshang


On the afternoon of September 27, the signing ceremony of the Anhui Filmmaker Flexible Optical Film Manufacturing Project was held at the Party School of the County Party Committee. Liu Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Executive Deputy County Mayor, Wang Youjun, Chairman of Hefei Degui Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Liu Gang, Chairman of Anhui Feiermu Materials Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony. Responsible comrades from the county economic development zone, county development and reform commission, county economic and information bureau, county ecological environment bureau, county investment promotion center, county finance office and other relevant departments attended the ceremony.

It is understood that the total investment of the flexible optical film manufacturing project settled in Yingshang this time is 500 million, and the construction of 6 conductive film hardened film coatings Production line, 8 roll-to-roll flexible cover printing production lines. The first phase investment is not less than 120 million yuan, will add 500 million yuan in output value, and provide 200 jobs. The implementation of the flexible optical film manufacturing project will continue to contribute to the development of the entire industrial chain of the integrated circuit display industry in Yingshang County.

Finally, under the witness of the people participating in the project signing ceremony, Su Yu, Wang Youjun, and Liu Gang respectively signed the 'Flexible Optical Film Manufacturing Project Investment Agreement' on behalf of the three parties.

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