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Let's learn basic kitchen remedies for bruises

One of the best home remedies for bruises is having vitamin C as it's known for its healing property. It will be a great idea to add vitamin C in your diet. It has been revealed by a research that those who lack vitamin C are more vulnerable to bruises; and when they get bruises, the healing process is quite slow.

A good remedy for bruises in small children, who avoid ice packs; an effective idea would be to spread a little margarine on the bruise. Margarine will settle the bruise and the healing process will fasten. After a little while, the swelling would be gone too.

Raw onion can also prove a good home remedy for bruises provided that the skin is not broken or infected. Apply a slice of onion on the bruise; this will allow healing process to begin.

Mullein flowers can also be applied on the bruise when dipped in olive oil. The combination of mullein flowers and olive oil can prove out to be a good healing material for small cuts. This is one of the natural remedies for bruises.

Bruises homemade remedies from experts

Cold water is known to be good for the treatment of bruises. Cold water not lessens the swelling but also prevents pain and inflammation.

A kitchen remedy for bruises includes using egg in raw form. When uncooked egg is applied on the bruise in circular form; the bruise will be healed.

The application of hops, comfrey, St John wort, hyssop and bark of white oak on the affected area can also have a healing effect on the bruise. This is one of the best home remedies for bruises. St John's wort is a wonder drug for bruises. This is because of its properties which are of astringent and anti-bacterial nature. The tincture of St John wort oil can be used as bruises home remedies. Add a few drops of cream or any organic oil on the affected area. The skin will absorb the ointment and healing process will continue to begin.

Comfrey leaves are also used to made plasters. This is one the good home remedies for bruises.

Cabbage is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The juices and leaves of cabbage are known to cure bruises.

Blue and black marks on the skin are known as bruises. Kids due to their highly active nature get such bruises many times. But even adults get bruises due to some kind of accidents or injuries. Bruises also depend on the sensitivity of the skin. For those with more sensitive skin even minor injury can give bruises. As one grows in age, the skin tissues become weaker and weaker. That's the reason why elderly people get bruises for simple reasons also. There are various home remedies for bruises , which can give relief from the pain.

Causes of Bruises:

Due to banging with some solid objects

During playing sports

During exercising

Due to fall or due to minor accidents

Due to someone hitting you hard.

Home remedies for Bruises:

Applying Ice: First and foremost as soon as you get bruises rub ice cube over the affected place. Ice will prevent the skin from swelling and will take care that the bruises don't spread to the surrounding skin.

Steel Spoon: Keep a steel spoon in refrigerator for some time and then keep this spoon over the affected body part. This will make the skin part numb and hence you will not get any kind of pain. This will also remove the blood colts fast. Thus overall your skin will heal fast. You can also make use of any small steel vessel for the same purpose instead of steel spoon.

Cleaning with Warm Water: After this clean your bruises with warm water. You can dip one cotton clothe in warm water and clean the bruises with it or you can also use cotton balls to clean the area. Keep the cloth over the bruises for about four times in a day to make sure that your wound is free from any kind of bacterial infection.

Tea Bags: Keep a tea bag in refrigerator for some time and then apply it over the bruises. This will give relief form the pain causes by the bruises and also reduce the chances of getting bruise marks.

Don't scratch: As the bruise will start healing, you will get an irreplaceable urge to scratch the skin but divert your attention and don't scratch the area. Take one comb and rub the area near the bruise mark, this will increase the blood circulation to the bruise area and make the wound heal fast.

Diet: Include lots of fruits and raw vegetables in your diet, as it will give you plenty of vitamin C and vitamin K.

Take Care: If you have kids then make sure that your house is injury proof. Keep most of the furniture in one corner so that your kids get maximum free space to play. Make sure to wear protection while playing outdoor games.

Call Doctor: Even if after two weeks of getting the injury, the bruises don't seem to heal, then call your doctor. Along with bruises if you get fever and get pus in the affected skin, then visit your doctor. Or if the bruises have given you a black eye and you are finding it difficult to see anything then also meet your doctor.

Arnica is known to cure bruises. The tincture of arnica is added into water and then this mixture is applied on the affected area with the help of a cloth bandage. This home remedy for bruises will accelerate the healing process

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