The role of optical glass cleaner The optical lens is extremely uneven


 Optical glass cleaning agent is mainly formulated by a variety of organic substances, surfactants, inorganic salts and other scientific processes. It is mainly used in various optical glass lens coatings to clean the dirt, dust and fingerprints on the surface. , Oil stains, polishing powder and other residues. The cleaning of optical glass after grinding mainly uses organic solvent cleaning agent and water-based cleaning agent.

   Optical glass substrates usually need to go through cutting, edging, grinding, polishing and other processes. These processes usually require cutting fluid, edging oil, grinding fluid, polishing powder, etc. Come to assist the homework. Glass cleaner is specially developed for the above process

  . Among them, clean the remaining glass chips, glass powder, cutting fluid and other dirt on the main glass surface after cutting. After polishing, it mainly cleans the rare earth and polishing powder on the glass surface. Silica polishing powder. After grinding, the grinding powder and asphalt are usually cleaned. After the optical glass is coated, the laser focusing lens on the glass surface will have dust, oil stains, fingerprints and other residual stains that need to be cleaned, and there are high requirements for the cleanliness of the lens surface.

   Optical glass has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. Optical glass has selective absorption and transmission properties for specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions, and is classified according to spectral characteristics. For the three types of selective absorption, cut-off and neutral gray, optical glass has the characteristics of high transmission in the visible region and no selective absorption coloring. Optical glass includes high-lead glass and CaO-B2O2 system glass. The former can prevent gamma rays and X-ray irradiation, which can absorb slow neutrons and thermal neutrons, is mainly used as shielding and peeping window materials in the nuclear industry and medical fields.

  Optical lens has low spherical aberration, but relatively speaking, it will also be accompanied by greater light scattering, and its refractive index is higher than that of resin lens, so in the same In the case of power, the glass laser protective lens lens is thinner than the resin lens, the light transmittance and mechanochemical properties are better, it has a constant refractive index, stable physical and chemical properties, and its form can be horizontal or vertical, which is simple and convenient.的装式.

  The processing of optical lenses is divided into thermal processing, cold processing and special processing. At present, optical lens thermal processing is mostly used in the preparation of optical lens blanks. Optical lens cold processing is based on loose particles. Abrasives or fixed abrasives are used for sawing, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and centering and edging. Special processing of optical lenses only changes the characteristics of the polished surface, but does not change the shape and size of the optical lenses, including coating, scale, photography and gluing .

   The cleaning of optical lenses mainly refers to the cleaning of residual polishing fluid, adhesives, and protective materials after the lens is polished. Optical lenses are some introductions to the ultrasonic cleaning process in optical cold processing. , The carrier to realize the process is the equipment. The laser collimator lens edging oil and glass powder are cleaned after optical lens edging, fingerprints, saliva ring and various attachments are cleaned before optical lens coating. Then the optical lens is gradually cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning technology. Entering the optical cold processing industry and showing its skills further promoted the development of the optical cold processing industry.

   The refractive index of the optical lens is also different. The Hong Kong Canon camera quotes that the light of the optical lens can converge at the same point as before, and the double is on the telephoto lens with long focal length. The refractive index of the optical lens is seen. The light of the optical lens can converge at the same point. The optical instrument is composed of a single or a combination of multiple optical devices. The optical lens plays a major role in the optical instrument and cannot be ignored. The optical lens was originally used for The glass that makes the lens is just the bumps on the ordinary window glass or wine bottle.

   The optical lens is extremely uneven, foamy, and the color depth. The optical lens adjusts the light transmittance, so that the optical lens eye can better adapt to changes in ambient light. Although the optical lens is resin The color-changing technology is very mature. Optical lens coating materials, but optical lenses have always had some problems. The electrons emitted by the optical lens through the electron gun are affected by the Lorentz force under the action of the magnetic field and hit the film material to make the film material evaporate more evenly. The optical lens is adhered to the glass polishing wheel lens. The optical lens reduces visual fatigue and protects the eyes. It integrates fashion, health and convenience. It is a good lens choice.

  The optical lens grade sunglasses are made of resin or PC material, and the refractive index of the optical lens is also different. When subjected to external impact, only cracks will appear and will not burst. Optical lenses The spectral curve is checked by a sealed light photometer to calculate whether the reflectance, transmittance, etc. can meet the technical requirements. The material is better. As long as you tap the lens lightly, the sound of the optical lens sounds low and thick.

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