The rising star of optical glass, the scale of new materials gradually grows


   At the end of March, the spring rains continuously. Winding along the mountain village road and bypassing several mountain beams, Lijiagou Village, Guxian Town, Lingbao City, is hidden in the green hills and green trees. This is the main producing area of u200bu200bthe dolomite mine in Lingbao City. Dolomite is an important non-metallic mineral resource and an important raw material for the production of optical glass.   Lingbao Shenghe Optical Glass Material Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 800 tons of special optical glass project is located here. The company is a Sino-foreign joint venture, jointly funded by Lingbao Shenghe Mining Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Taijue Optical Glass Material Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 80 million yuan, a new all-platinum optical glass continuous melting production line, 8 new reactors, 12 automatic dryers, and supporting construction of high standardization laboratories, the process technology is domestically leading.   At present, the production equipment is basically installed in place and has entered the commissioning stage. It is expected to be put into trial production by the end of the year. After the project is put into production, it can produce 5,000 tons of various optical glass materials and 800 tons of all-platinum optical glass annually, realize an output value of 400 million yuan, a profit and tax of 50 million yuan, and arrange 186 jobs.   In the company's product exhibition room, there are no less than dozens of optical glasses of various specifications, such as colorless optical glass, colored optical glass, quartz optical glass, spherical mirror... dazzling. The reporter picked up a glass rod and observed it carefully and found that the rod body was clean and transparent, flawless, and the internal light transmittance was extremely high. The glass rod of tens of centimeters could be seen from one end to the other end, and the opposite person was clearly visible, as if facing each other. 'This is lens glass, a key element of optical instruments such as cameras, and this one alone is worth more than 300,000 yuan.' Wang Jianhua, deputy general manager of Shenghe Company, told reporters that optical glass is used to make telescopes, microscopes, cameras, etc. Lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc., must meet the requirements of optical imaging, and the quality requirements are extremely high. The metal element impurities in a unit should be less than 1 ppm, which is equivalent to only one gram of impurities per ton of material.   At present, the application of optical glass is becoming wider and wider, ranging from spectacle lenses to biological sciences, aviation technology, etc., with broad market prospects. However, the production of optical glass requires a large investment and high technical process requirements, so the production enterprises are relatively monopolistic. Shenghe Mining cooperated with Hong Kong Taijue to establish a new company, which promoted the perfect combination of resources, technology and capital, and upgraded from an upstream raw material manufacturer to a downstream deep processing enterprise, which further extended the industrial chain and made the products into high-end products. The change from 'stupid, big and clumsy' to 'high-precision, special-quality,' profit has doubled dozens of times.  In addition, Cathay Pacific Fortune Group, an investor of Shenghe Company, is one of the most successful and experienced private equity funds in providing growth capital to Chinese companies. With the help of Cathay Pacific Wealth's capital and market operation capabilities, Shenghe's future listing can be expected. In this regard, Wang Jianhua said: “We have already planned to go public on Nasdaq next year.” In recent years, Sanmenxia has actively implemented the “Four Majors and One High” strategy to accelerate the development of “One High and Two Modernizations” to create five hundred billion-level industrial clusters. The new material industry is thriving. Shenghe Optics and other industry stars continue to rise, the product structure is continuously optimized, and the scale of the new material industry is growing day by day, which has become the new engine of the city's economic transformation and development.

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