The production of glass is a natural phenomenon


It is reported that humans first discovered how to create glass themselves in Syria around 5000BC. According to the stories of the ancient roman historian, Pliny, Phoenician merchants found out about the existence of glass when they rested their cooking pots on blocks of nitrate by their fire on the beach. Because the fire was so hot the blocks eventually melted and mixed with the sand of the beach, forming an opaque liquid. The rest, as they say, is history!

The first settlements found to be creating glass objects are the Eastern Mesopotamians and Egyptians, around 3500BC. They were making mainly non-transparent glass beads. There is evidence of other glassmaking taking place independently in Mycenae (Greece), Chine and North Tyrol.

Glass-making and glass design for art and decorative objects evolved throughout the centuries and is now a thriving industry. Until the 20th century glass factories existed where many skilled workers created the pieces, using designer's drawings. Technological advances in the 1960s made it a lot easier for glass to be manipulated. This meant that many artists started to work with glass and experiment artistically independently and in small groups, giving birth to the glass movement.

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