The PackshotCreator HD 3D photo studio consists

by:Crylight     2020-09-19

Its product line today consists of a wide range of products each with different traits and functionalities. From quality images to high definition photos, from 360 degree animations using 360 hd photos studios and interactive 3D animations using 3d photo workstation, the PackshotCreator has the solution for all your products visuals irrespective of size, weights and heights. On top, the lighting conditions of the photo studios are constant with ideal daylight conditions.

Being intuitive in nature, the PackshotCreator is very easy to use and no special knowledge is required. Its interface also is highly user-friendly. High quality professional photographs can be produced in the comfort of the office and the results are immediate and highly amazing. Moreover, production costs are significantly reduced as external photographers are not recruited.

The PackshotOffice is one of the PackshotCreator digital studios which involve a combination of innovating technologies blending touch screen, high definition, 360 degree interactive packshot animations etc. As a completely independent tool, the PackshotOffice is the ideal photo solution for businesses. It is an all-in-one photo studio. The PackshotOffice is a digital workstation basically consisting of a lightbox, a high definition camera and a touch screen monitor. No software installation is required as the PackshotOffice is a completely independent tool; simply plug and play.

The touch screen of the PackshotOffice, uses a surface acoustic wave technology (SAW). This equipment is one of the most advanced technologies with regards to touch screen. The touch screen has now replaced tools like mouse and keyboards and is very efficient, especially in the business field.

The all-in-one digital photo studio can produce high definition photo rendering and interactive 360 degree rich media animations. With an optimized lighting environment, no cast shadows are produced. The PackshotOffice interface enables zooming, cropping, rotating among others. Several file formats can be created with the PackshotOffice allowing greater convenience such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, SWF and HTML. Both top-down and side view photo shooting can be done with this innovative and creative office workstation.

The PackshotOffice is a 100% independent system that creates interactive photos and quality product animations within some minutes for a maximum resolution of 4000 X 3000 (300 dpi).

With such an innovative, simple and efficient digital photo studio at your disposal, your return on investment will definitely boost!

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