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Choose the correct time

Do not think that it is nonsense, and you will not take for granted that I are talking about the correct time is when it is snowing? Then you need to learn to think in photographer way: what period has the best shooting light? When the earth covered by the snow, the covering the sun will be multi-angle reflective, so we should avoid when the sun is too harsh. Choose the time before or after sunrise/sunset in a sunny day when the scattered light can express the texture and layers of the snow.

Utility equipment

The temperature of the snow scenes is low, so recommended to carry professional and reliable SLR. Telephoto, wide-angle lens are the main choice for landscapes shoots. In addition, it often needs to take the tripod, polarizer, hood, and so on.

Below zero

Below the zero is the best temperature for the close-up of snowflake crystal. We can find the knowledge of it on Google. You should know that the environment of no cloud, no moisture, and below zero temperature.

White Balance

White balance is the most important setting for snow photography, if your camera is also set in the automatic white balance, then you are wrong. You will get the picture 'full of blues' in this mode! If your camera does not have the manual setting, you can set is as Snow/Cloudy automatic white balance mode.


Often take pictures that all white? Don't worry, you camera has no problem. It is because the automatic exposure mode is failure. You can meter by the different part and find out the right exposure value.

The contrast

The picture that is white in the whole picture will not be a good one. At this time, we need to add some foreground or background to the picture to create the contrast.

Backlight and Rembrandt light

You can boldly use the backlight and Rembrandt light to depict the scene. Even shooting the sky and the ground, they can also have a profound atmosphere.

Avoid condensation

The equipments are the darling of photographers. Due to the low temperature of snow shooting, when we take the camera from a cold place to a warmer place prone to moisture condensation, then let camera temporarily disabled, so try to avoid it.

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