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If wearing lenses is such a chore for you, it seems as if Lasik surgery may be your best option for now. But before you go and proceed with the whole thing, you also have to know what you're getting into. Right now, it's time that you familiarize yourself with the list of its pros and cons. While technology used has already been perfected, there are always risks involved. If you want the procedure to be successful, then you definitely have to start with a great eye doctor. Ask around and get referrals for this so that you can proceed with your decision with a lot of confidence.

Once you have a chance to chat with your eye doctor, it's best that you ask as many questions as possible. They should be more than happy to answer you. It also helps to start researching during your spare time. This way, you'll have your expectations set.


Technology has improved over the past several years.

Doctors are now capable of administering pre-screening tests to check if this option is right for you.

You can have your old vision back.

You can enjoy outdoor activities. Just give your eyes time to rest and recover. After that, you can do whatever you please.

You don't have to deal with problems related to the overuse of your lenses.

The entire procedure only takes a few minutes to complete. Then, you'll be asked to go home to sleep. When you wake, you will see the big difference in your eyesight.


The procedure is rather expensive, especially for the budget-conscious.

This isn't covered by your health insurance, which means that you do have to dig into your budget.

If you're not careful with your choice of eye doctor, you could experience bigger problems. Some patients have reported to seeing double, but the good news is that this problem can be easily and quickly corrected.

Lasik surgery isn't for people with optical nerve problems.

You can suffer from what doctors like to call the dry eye syndrome. This happens when the doctor you choose is careless.

It is said that people who suffer from farsightedness will still need glasses in the long run.

It's time that you know more about Lasik eye surgery if you're set on getting the procedure. Talk to an NJ eye specialist from EyeCare 2020 and feel good knowing that you have the best to help you.

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