The majority of diamonds purchased by consumers


Often, the flaw is deep within the stone and are known as inclusions. In a case such as this, a diamond could not be described as perfect. A perfect stone would be priced at many thousands-if not millions of dollars. These stones are very rare indeed.

Diamond Knowledge from My Diamonds

My Diamonds would recommend that you access their website and before you decide upon a diamond or diamond engagement ring, read the Diamond Education Section. This section has been included by My Diamonds to ensure that their customers are aware of some of the hazards of buying diamonds, not just online, but from any diamond retailer. They cover the grading of diamonds extensively, which includes the clarity of a diamond, being part of the 4Cs, the diamond grading standard used by the laboratories GIA and HRD. Below, are just some of the phrases you should look out for when discussing inclusions and flaws.

Girdle Fringes or Bearding

As the diamond is being cut, these hair like lines often occur around the girdle of the diamond. This is not a problem that cannot be overcome. They can be removed by re-cutting the diamond or re-polishing, to remove the offending lines.


Some diamonds have a graining that resembles feathering. It is best that this flaw is not located at the top of the stone, as it will make the diamond less resistant to damage.


This kind of flaw is more serious as it can mean that the stone is vulnerable to smashing or cracking. A diamond cleavage is a crack with no feathering and can lead to breakage. If small cracks do not appear when the diamond is viewed with it's table up, the value of the stone will be unaffected.

Pinpoint Inclusions

As the name suggest, these tiny inclusions resemble little points of crystal, that can be dark or light, and may create a cloudy area with the diamond, affecting it's clarity.

Laser Lines

Thread like in appearance, these tiny laser trails have been left when a laser has been used to remove any inclusions within the diamond. They affect only the part of the diamond that has been treated.

Scratches, Nicks and Pits

These tiny imperfections can be polished or cut away, perhaps creating a new facet, or a different shape.

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