The Land Rover Discovery is built for a certain


Driving Features

The Discovery has features designed for an active lifestyle. Gradient Acceleration Control helps you drive on steep descents confidently. Terrain Response changes the settings of your car to fit whatever surface you're driving on. It has a large ground clearance as well as shorter front and back overhangs. This makes it easy to move around rocky terrains. Air suspension improves the smoothness of your ride which is usually a problem for off-road driving.

The Discovery can even drive through water at a maximum of 700mm. It has a sensor that lets you know if the water isn't too deep. The Discovery has a towing capacity of 3,500kg. The Trailer Stability Assist supports the vehicle by keeping it under control while you're towing.

The Discovery has a 3 liter, turbocharged SDV6 Diesel engine. It also has Intelligent Stop/Start technology. You won't get the fuel economy of much smaller vehicles, but the load space available and ability to negotiate through small spaces make it a better choice. If you're shopping for an SUV of this size, you already know that the fuel economy will not be nearly the same as other much smaller vehicles.


Land Rovers have a distinctive design that is enhanced by a newly designed grille, mirrors, and bumper. This isn't a sports car or a luxury vehicle. You won't get smooth lines and an elegant profile, but the vehicle that is built for usability is still attractive in design. Choose design options for the exterior such as the black design pack. Plus there are 17 exterior colors to choose from. The interior is both attractive and practical. You can choose leather with reflective glass and choose from a range of interior finishes.

Added Features

The benefits of a Land Rover go beyond the driving features. In today's modern world, even the toughest vehicles can still have luxuries. You can choose the Meridian surround sound system with 11 or 17 speaker options. A surround camera gives you an almost 360 degree view that allows you to maneuver your vehicle with more confidence. The Park Distance Control used with the camera makes parking in difficult spots much easier.

You can play movies and games on 8 inch screens. This is an optional addition that is worth it if you have children. You can listen to music in the front while your kids watch movies in the back. The Hard Disc Navigation has mapping options for off-road and international traveling. Timed Climate Control will preheat the car on a cold day. It can also pull in fresh air when you need it. An optional cooling box in the center console makes sure you'll always have cool snacks.


You should also keep car insurance for your Land Rover in mind. All cars are assigned a car insurance group number based on risk. The Land Rover hovers around 17. It isn't the cheapest vehicle to insure because it is an SUV, but it is far from the high numbers of luxury vehicles between 35 and 50. Get a list of car insurance quotes to determine what the number 17 will set you back. Don't forget to ask for car insurance discounts if you have multiple vehicles on your policy or safety features in your car.

Designing your Car

Whether you've decided you want a Discovery yet or you're still thinking, don't let all the features overwhelm you. Not all of these features come standard. In fact, adding all the features available from the cooler to the speaker system can considerably increase the price. Keep this in mind when you are making a decision if price is an important factor. A dealer will be able to go over accessories and options with you when you are ready to make a purchase.

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