The HTC Sensation is a next generation phone with


The 8MP camera is excellent and and complements the high screen resolution and HTC's bespoke HD system -QHD.

The QHD system, allows 1/4 of the pixels of a 40 inch screen into just 4.3 inches of smartphone display. The results are incredible, every item down to widgets and menus are crystal clear.

As an extra service you can subsctibe to HTC's Watch movie service. Designed to optimise media specifically for QHD delivery, Watch offers a good range of films for a competitive price.

The screen is covered by 'unscratchable' Gorilla Glass, which is very robust and with the aluminium, casing provides a solid, quality finish.

The only dimension that is slightly off, from an aesthetic point of view is the phones thickness. At 11.3 mm it is considerably deeper than its closest rivals such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2.

Battery life is a a key problem on this phone. This also effects a lot of other 3.2 inch screen plus handsets. Apple have made huge advances with the iPhone4, so no doubt other manufacturers will catch up soon.

This is part of the new Dual Core range of smartphones, pioneered by LG last year. It makes a huge difference to power users and its just a shame the battery cant keep up. It would be interesting to see how much the more the Dual Core system drains the battery compared to a single core unit.

Processor - 1.2 Dual COre

Operating System - Android 2.3

Ram -768 MB

Internal Storage - 1 GB

Camera - 8M MP

Weight -148g

Screen - 4.3 inch

The battery is the only dissapointment on the Sensation. It is very closely priced to the Samsung Galaxy S II, but not quite as good. It is beaten on display and media functionality aswell as overall build quality.

HTC fans who are tied into Sense for their social media aggregation, may well want to stick with the brand. The Sensation is certainly the natural progression but does not offer anything we have not seen before.

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