The gemstone belongs to the mineral corundum family


Sapphire is also known to posses magical powers. It is used to give a powerful defense against the spells. The wearer is kept away from unwanted thoughts and brings in peace, joy and wealth to people. The star sapphire is called the stone of destiny.

Sapphire, a gemstone is the hardest and non-red variety of corundum mineral. Sapphire jewelry is very popular and it is usually worn by many people, and they are largely manufactured in crystal boule. Other than jewelry, sapphire is also used on other applications such as infrared optical elements, high lasting windows, watch crystals, and wafers. Sometimes, sapphire can also be found colorless, and the most shade used is blue.

Types of Sapphire jewelry

- Earrings range from solitaire stud, drop earrings, hoops with sapphire in channel settings to earrings with diamond rimmed. Solitaire sapphire rings can feature emerald cut, princess cut, pear shaped, marquise and oval shaped stones.

- Rings: Sapphire rings paired with diamonds are also very popular.

- Pendants: Sapphire pendants go best with yellow and white gold.

Tips before Buying Sapphire Jewelry

- Color: When buying sapphire the most important thing to be considered is color. Sapphire gemstone comes in almost all colors ranging from white, pink, brown, peach, yellow, orange, violet, purple and green. However the blue color sapphire which has the color tones, from faint blue to deepest dark blue is the widely used one in jewelry industry. A pure cornflower blue is considered to be the most durable hue. In determining the value or preciousness of a sapphire, colors plays very important role. Fine gemstones of good color and clarity are rare and valuable. Sapphires which are too dark or too light are worth considerably les.

- Clarity: Clarity also plays an important role in shaping the beauty and value. Sapphires are not inclusion free like diamonds but are clearer than rubies and emeralds. Heat treatment is a usual practice to improve the color and clarity of the stone. If not treated these flaws and inclusions would affect the luster of the gemstone.

There are many online jewellery stores that provide various facilities to their customers. The online shopping also delivers the orders on time. There is always a lot in store for you to select the best from the huge varieties of jewellery. One should ensure that he or she knows the delivery process and the details of shipping that the online jewellery store provides.

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