The first production line project of Taiwan Glass photovoltaic glass in Zhangpu, Fujian and the first phase of OPD optical production project


   The reporter learned from the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Key Office on the 8th that last year, 367 key projects under construction in Fujian Province completed investment of 258.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.7%, which is higher than the expected growth rate of fixed asset investment in the whole society. 6.7 percentage points; the completion ratio accounts for 112.5% u200bu200bof the annual plan. All nine districted cities and Hepingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone have exceeded the investment amount planned at the beginning of the year. Since the beginning of last year, the key construction departments at all levels have followed the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s decision-making and deployment of 'fighting the five major battles, the year when the leaders start the game' and the overall goal requirements of the key project construction campaign, and solidly promoted standardized management, barrier-free construction, and harmony. Requisition and relocation, by stages, regions, and industries to lay out the four major battles of key projects investment completion, completion and commissioning, construction commencement, and early breakthroughs. We will make every effort to do a good job in project construction approval guidance, construction coordination, element guarantee, material supply, safety and quality Management and other tasks to ensure the successful completion of the campaign objectives and tasks.   It is understood that currently, there are a total of 190 projects that have been completed or partially completed and put into production, which is 10 more than the campaign targets. In terms of transportation, the Fuquan Expansion, Xiazhang Expansion, Yong'an-Ninghua (Fujian Border) Expressway, Quansan Expressway Nan'an-Huian Branch Line, Ningde-Wuyishan Expressway Nanping Jiuqu Interchange to Wuyishan Interchange Section, and Fuzhou Expressway Fuzhou Show There are 7 projects (sections) of 451 kilometers, including the relocation project of the toll station of the residence, the Wulong River Bridge and the expansion and reconstruction project of the wiring, the total mileage of expressways opened to traffic is 2,702 kilometers, and the mileage under construction is 2,350 kilometers. In terms of ports, 10 projects including the No. 4 and No. 5 berths in the Kemen operation area, the No. 8 and No. 9 berths of the terminal project in the Zhaoyin Port Area of u200bu200bXiamen Port, the Pingtan Aoqian Ro-Ro Passenger Terminal, the Fujian Taishan Petrochemical Terminal and the storage project have been completed. , The newly increased throughput capacity exceeded 30 million tons, and the cumulative throughput capacity of ports in the province exceeded 370 million tons.   For the airport, the Fuzhou Changle Airport apron reconstruction and expansion project was completed, and the reconstruction and expansion of the Jinjiang, Wuyishan and Xiamen airports in Quanzhou, and the continued construction of the Sanmingsha County Airport were accelerated. In terms of railways, the Longzhang section of the Longxia Railway has been basically completed, with freight capacity. The cumulative mileage of railway operations has exceeded 2,000 kilometers, and the mileage under construction has reached 1,300 kilometers; Xiangpu, Xiamen-Shenzhen, Longxia, Hefu, Ganlong and other railways and Kemen , Jiangyin and other port railway branch projects are speeding up construction. In terms of energy, the Hongshan Thermal Power Plant Unit 2 was completed and put into operation, the Yong'an and Zhangping Power Plants used large-scale and small-scale reconstruction and expansion projects, and the Nanpu Power Plant Phase II. The newly-added installed power capacity reached 3.45 million kilowatts, with a cumulative total of 38.25 million kilowatts. Seven units have been built, forming a diversified, stable and safe energy security system for thermal power, hydropower, gas power, thermal power, and wind power; speeding up the construction of the main power grid and the transformation of rural power grids.  In terms of urban construction, a number of projects have been completed, such as the Fuzhou Third Ring Road, Quanzhou Donghai Tunnel, Nanping Riverside Express Pass, and Fuqing Domestic Waste Incineration Power Plant. In terms of industry, Xiamen Chenhong Technology’s capital increase and production expansion project (Phase III and IV), the first production line project of Taiwan Glass photovoltaic glass in Zhangpu, Fujian, the 1450 cold-rolled production line project of Anshan Iron and Steel Cold-rolled Steel Plate (Putian) Co., Ltd., and Lonking ( Fujian) Excavator production project, China National Heavy Duty Truck Fujian Haixi Automobile Medium and Heavy Truck New General Assembly Production Line Project, Opden (Shunchang) Optical Production Project Phase I, Fu Rubber Synthetic Rubber, Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Lithium-ion battery project ( Phase I) and 110 projects.   In terms of service industry, a number of projects have been built, including the start-up area of u200bu200bthe reconstruction and expansion project of Xiamen Dadeng's Taiwan Small Commodity Exchange Market, Changting 'Hakka Capital of the World' Museum, and Jinrao Mountain Outdoor Skiing Base in Jianning County. In terms of social undertakings, a number of projects including the new Fujian Provincial Archives, Fujian Children’s Library, the first phase of the new campus of Fujian Commercial College, Longyan Women’s and Children’s Activity Center, and the stadiums of the Seventh Provincial Peasant Games in Sanming have been completed. .   At the same time, 173 projects were started, 3 more than the campaign targets. Fuzhou-Fuding section of the Haixi natural gas pipeline network, Fuzhou-Taiwan freshwater submarine communication cable, Meizhou Bay Dongwu Port Area No. 8-15, Fujian Nuclear Emergency Command Center, Furen Medium Density Fiberboard Integration Project, Haixi High-tech The construction of projects including the Technology Industrial Park, Haixi Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jinshan Hospital of the Provincial Hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Medical University, and Pingtan Haixi Business Building started.

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