The first national selection of excellent doctoral dissertations in optical engineering starts


  According to the 'Methods for the Selection of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations in Optical EngineeringThe relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:   1. Selection scope: 1. The scope of the papers participating in the selection is: thesis of a doctorate in optical engineering obtained in a domestic degree-granting unit in 2014. 2. In order to have an evaluation period for the selected dissertations, in principle, it is required to participate in the evaluation after one year of doctoral graduation, that is, doctors who graduated before the end of June 2014. If the dissertation received a doctoral degree at the end of June 2013 is indeed excellent, it can also participate in the evaluation after being recommended by three fellow doctoral supervisors outside the school (the directors of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society have the priority to recommend them). 3. The doctoral dissertation written by the author who has obtained the title of associate senior or higher (including associate senior) before the defense of the doctoral dissertation, as well as the doctoral dissertation involving confidentiality, shall not participate in the selection.   2. Selection method: 1. Quota selection. There are 5 excellent doctoral dissertations and 5 nomination awards. The award-winning papers are divided into two categories: basic research and applied basic research. Basic research papers, highlight original innovation, and encourage doctoral students to engage in basic research at the forefront of the discipline; applied basic research papers. Highlight service needs and encourage doctoral students to conduct research on scientific issues with important academic value or technical issues with significant application value from major national, regional or industry needs. 2. Thesis recommendation: (1) Recommendations organized by the academic degree committees and graduate education authorities of all units that meet the scope of the selection. Each unit recommends no more than 2 doctoral dissertations. The recommended method should be mastered by each unit. (2) Each member of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society can jointly recommend two other peer experts to recommend a review article. (3) When each unit or expert recommends a dissertation, it should indicate that the thesis belongs to basic research or applied basic research. 3. Expert comment. The UBO expert review group is formed by the expert committee of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society, and the communication review is conducted according to the review opinion form (Annex 5). 4. Review approval and announcement. According to the expert communication evaluation results, the UBO Evaluation Expert Committee of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society organized a number of academicians and experts to conduct meeting reviews, and the evaluation results were announced on the official website of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society. After no objection, it was submitted to the Standing Council of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society for approval. It was finally approved and announced by the chairman of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society. 3. Material submission: 1. Each unit organizes the recommendation and application papers, and submits the electronic version of the materials to the China Optical Engineering Society Youbo Selection Office before September 30, 2015, including the following six types: (1) Recommendation Form (2) Author profile (3) Full text of the doctoral dissertation (the original text must be archived by the National Library of China) (4) List of scientific research achievements and publications (During the period of studying for the doctorate and within one year after obtaining the doctoral degree, science and technology awards related to the research content of the doctoral dissertation will be awarded , Theses and monographs. (5) Recommendation form of peer experts outside the school. (6) Comprehensive introduction materials for doctoral dissertation. 2. The official seal of the Confidentiality Committee and the official seal of the unit in the unit recommendation form must be stamped as required, otherwise the submitted materials cannot participate in the review. 3. After the expert review team reviews, the review office will notify the paper units that enter the review to submit paper version materials.    4. Review fee: 1. Each doctoral dissertation recommended for review will be charged a review fee of 1,000 yuan. Please recommend the unit before submitting The review fee will be remitted to the society account within one month. The review fee is mainly used to pay for the review fee for the initial evaluation and re-evaluation of experts, award-winning paper awards, organization review and other conference affairs expenses.    5. Commendation awards: 1. Award the award-winning paper authors with optics National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award Certificate for Engineering Discipline, and each author of the paper will be awarded 10,000 yuan. The nominated paper author will be awarded 5,000 yuan each. 2. Announce the award-winning papers on the website of China Optical Engineering Society, the journal List, winners and relevant information about the tutors. 3. Commendation, certificates and bonuses will be awarded at the 2016 China Optical Engineering Society Annual Meeting. Some of the award-winning papers will be presented at the conference.    VI. Schedule: 1. End of June 2015 , Issue the selection notice. 2. Before September 30, 2015, all units submit the electronic version of the materials. 3. From October to December 2015, the expert review team will be discussed by communication. 4. Before the end of February 2016, submit the papers for review Quality material. 5. Before the end of March 2016, the Chinese Optical Engineering Society Youbo Expert Committee organized a re-evaluation and announced the review results. 6. In mid-to-late April 2016, approved and announced the selection results. 7. May 2016, Commended at the annual meeting of the Chinese Optical Engineering Society, awarded certificates and bonuses.

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