The first China Optical Processing Accessories and Tool Technology Seminar


Dear friends from the optical industry: Hello!

   After decades of development in China’s optical industry, the processing technology has evolved from classical polishing to modern high-speed polishing. The processing machinery and testing equipment have made considerable progress. At the same time, processing auxiliary materials have also continued to increase. Development and improvement. Although there are several optical-related exhibitions and many optical processing technology seminars across the country every year, there has never been an exchange on the selection of processing consumables. This cannot but be said to be a blank and regret.

   Insiders have a common understanding-optical processing technology and optical manufacturing technology are the embodiment of multiple disciplines; they all know that the use of different auxiliary materials under the same conditions has a great impact on the quality and efficiency of optical processing. How to choose more economical, more reasonable, more efficient and environmentally friendly consumables is very necessary for our optical craftsmen.

   In view of the role and problems of optical processing auxiliary materials in optical manufacturing, we are tentatively scheduled to hold the 'First Optical Processing Accessories and Tool Technology Seminar' in Guangzhou before and after the Shenzhen Optical Expo in early September 2010 (specifically Please choose the time. We will determine the time based on the opinions of most of our friends.) The conference will invite optical process experts, optical auxiliary materials research institutes and manufacturers to give special reports. We also warmly welcome you to recommend outstanding experts and provide valuable opinions. We Warmly welcome friends from the industry to participate actively.

   Conference organizer: Chinese Ordnance Society Optical Professional Committee of Chinese Ordnance Society Organizer: Nanjing Lisheng Optical Machinery Co., Ltd. Co-organizer: Guangzhou Hengyi Optical Material Co., Ltd. Tel: 025-84879034 84271941 / 020-83889809 13602785723   Fax: 025-84274234 / 020-83864788

The first China (Guangzhou) Optical Processing Accessories and Tools Technology Seminar Conference Affairs Group

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