The effect of laser marking airport mirrors and polarizers on industrial lens detection


1. Improve the ability of the edge beam to enter the receiver;

  2. In the same main optical system, the additional field lens will reduce the area of u200bu200bthe receiver; if Using the same area of u200bu200bthe receiver can expand the field of view and increase the incident flux;

  3, the non-uniform illumination on the photosensitive surface of the receiver can be made uniform.

   Plan focusing lens, also known as field lens, f-theta focusing lens, is a professional lens system whose purpose is to form the laser beam in the entire marking plane The focal spot of uniform size, in simple terms, is that any point of the laser focusing lens in a plane of a certain size is the focusing lens of its focal point, while the focal point of the ordinary focusing lens is only one point, and it is the point in the center. It is one of the most important parts of laser marking machine. Field lens can be divided into f-theta lens and telecentric lens. Due to the high cost and expense of telecentric lenses, F-theta lenses are mainly used in laser marking machines for industrial applications. Without distortion, the position of the focus point depends on the focal length of the lens and the tangent of the deflection angle, and the position of the focus point only depends on the focal length and the deflection angle, which simplifies the calculation method of focus positioning.

  The main technical parameters of the field lens Laser protective lens:

   When choosing the field lens, the main technical parameter considered is the working wavelength , Entrance pupil, scanning range and focusing spot diameter.

   Working wavelength: It mainly depends on the wavelength of the laser. The field lens is coated at a given laser wavelength. If the field lens is not used within the given wavelength range, the field lens will be burnt out by the laser.

  Entrance pupil: If a single lens is used, the mirror is placed at the entrance pupil, so that the diameter of the available beam is equal to the diameter of the entrance pupil.

   Scanning range: The larger the range that the field lens can scan, the more popular it is of course. However, if the scanning range of the scanning laser collimator lens is increased, the focus spot becomes larger, and the distortion degree also increases. In addition, to increase the scanning range, the focal length and working distance of the field lens must also be increased. The lengthening of the working distance will inevitably lead to the loss of laser energy. Also, the diameter of the focused spot is proportional to the focal length, which means that if the scanning range is enlarged, the diameter of the focused spot will increase, and the spot will not be narrow enough, and the power density of the laser will drop very fast (the power density is the second power of the spot diameter). Inversely proportional), which is not conducive to processing. Therefore, the user should choose the most suitable field lens according to different processing areas, or spare several field lenses with different scanning ranges.

   Focusing optical lens spot diameter: For a scanning system with incident laser beam diameter D, field lens focal length F and beam quality factor Q, the focusing spot diameter du003d13.5QF/D (mm). Therefore, a beam expander can be used to obtain a smaller focused spot.

   Polarizer is manufactured according to the principle of light polarization. We know that when the sun shines on the road or water, it directly irritates the eyes and makes the eyes feel dazzling, tired, and unable to see things for a long time. Especially when you are driving a car or engaging in outdoor recreational activities, it not only affects our work and entertainment mood, but also affects our judgment of objects and causes danger; long-term direct sunlight exposure to the optical lens can also cause rapid vision Decline, the formation of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and so on.

The special effect of    polarizer is to effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam. The light can be injected into the visual image of the eye on the transmission axis of the right track, so that the visual field is clear and natural. Like the principle of blinds, the light is adjusted to the same direction and enters the room, which naturally makes the scenery look soft and not dazzling.

The special effect of    polarizer is to effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam. The light can be injected into the visual image of the eye on the transmission axis of the right track, so that the visual field is clear and natural.

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